GDFD No. 65: A tough draw

Ryan Lambert
March 07 2010 12:44PM

Welcome to the Game Day Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s 65th game of the season on March 7, 2010.

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Staios era starts with a "W"

Jean Lefebvre
March 05 2010 09:30PM

The Flames didn't do so hot against Jacques Lemaire's old squad earlier this week, but they took care of business against his current club on Friday night at the Saddledome.

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GDFD No. 64: Oh-Double-Seven in "Minus-19"

Ryan Lambert
March 05 2010 03:50PM

Welcome to the Game Day Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s 64th game of the season on March 5, 2010.

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Flames Deadline Reactions

Kent Wilson
March 05 2010 10:18AM

While various voices of the Nation have weighed on Sutter's deadline deals recently, here's a sampling of other reactions from around the blogosphere.

First, Arik of 4th line blog is unimpressed:

It boggles my mind how awful this year has been for the Flames.  Did Ken King kill a puppy and this is karma?  Did Jarome Iginla build a house over a Native Canadian (that’s what they’re called right? If not, don’t correct me) burial ground? Does someone on the Flames enjoy George Michael?

You know a guy is mad when he invokes puppycide and George Michael in a single paragraph.

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Flames trades: wait and see

Pat Steinberg
March 05 2010 09:27AM

It seems as if a few recent issues surrounding the hometown hockey heroes have been rolled up into one ugly, messy, filth-ball. So, I've tried to separate things. There's my previous post on the woes plaguing the team, and now another recent Calgary Flames issue: deadline deals.

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