Darryl Sutter, FJM

June 01 2010 04:03PM

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Darryl Sutter received a vote of confidence last week from his boss, Ken King.

Not really. Mr. King didn’t want questions like “Why are the Flames still allowing some inbred hick to run their hockey operations?” ruining his outdoor game press conference. Ergo, the announcement.

The pronouncement from the team president apparently meant little to the embattled general manager of the Calgary Flames.

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Darryl Sutter: The Ugly

Pat Steinberg
May 31 2010 11:17PM

Darryl Sutter bites his nails

So I go to Las Vegas for a few days, and we find out that nothing is going to change near the top when it comes to the Calgary Flames. So, now that we have some sort of idea as to who's going to be driving the bus for the upcoming season, it's a good time to roll out the final of the Darryl Sutter: Good, Bad and Ugly pieces.

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Backlund Is Not a Langkow Replacement

Kent Wilson
May 31 2010 12:40PM


Calgary Flames v Los Angeles Kings


If you take a tour around the water coolers, comment sections and messageboards these days, you'll notice that Daymond Langkow is frequently discussed as a contract the Flames have to try to "get rid of" this summer in order to increase their budgetary flexibility. The claim is superficially defensible: at 33 years old and coming off a season that saw him score just 14 goals and 37 points, many folks are looking at his $4.5M as money that could be better spent elsewhere. In addition, with both Backlund and Stajan set to make the team as "offense first" centers, Langkow seems somehow redundant.

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Flames Sign Chris Breen

Kent Wilson
May 30 2010 10:56AM



Some minor Flames news to pass along. Calgary recently signed 21 year old free agent defenseman Chris Breen to an entry level deal. The former Peterborough Pete spent 5 seasons in the OHL, compiling nominal offensive stats as a stay-at-home defender. He appeared in one game for the Abbotsford Heat on a try-out basis near the end of the AHL season. 

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The final: Who to cheer for?

Jean Lefebvre
May 29 2010 08:46AM

A quick and unscientific poll suggests that Flames fans, at least the ones who two months after their heroes' elimination are still paying attention, don't quite know what to make of the Stanley Cup final, which starts tonight in the House That Tony Amonte Built.

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