Raining on the Heats Parade

Kent Wilson
November 08 2012 04:38PM

The Abbotsford Heat had a really good October. They lost only once in regulation, boasted the league's best PK and have a couple players at the top of the scoring race. All that added up to the best WIN% and goal differential in the AHL through nine games.

Of course, it needs to be noted that 9 games is a very small sample. Almost any team can go on a nine game run in any given season - even the really lousy ones (remember when the Wild were leading the Western Conference after 8 weeks last year?). The question is, are the Heat legitimately good or are they pulling a Minnesota Wild and riding the percentages?

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Flames Weekend Guide, November 8 2012

Ryan Pike
November 08 2012 11:41AM



While CBA talks are reportedly heating up (or at the very least occurring), the players in the Flames organization who can play hockey continue to do so. Once again, we've got a very busy weekend ahead, with only four prospects getting to rest up.

So, while John Ramage of the Wisconsin Badgers, Karri Ramo of Avangard Omsk and Markus Granlund and Joni Ortio of HIFK Helsinki enjoy some relaxation, check out what's on top for everyone else this coming weekend.

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Protecting Themselves: A Closer Look At Team Specific CBA Clauses

November 08 2012 08:29AM

NHL owners are a fickle bunch. They're savvy investors, skillful prognosticators, overall captains of industry. But what Joey Middle Class and Johnny Blue Collar fail to understand is that these billionaires who preside over the day-to-day actions of the NHL franchises we all know and love and used to watch play hockey is that they too are human. Behind the steely gaze of a Murray Edwards or brash bravado of an Ed Snider is a small, withered, insecure husk of a man who wants everyone to like them and hopes that no one is around to embarrass them when they try to talk to girls.

Part of that insecurity we have to acknowledge as hockey fans is that these owners are prone to mistakes. Proprietorship over a club is like having that whole collection of Ninja Turtle action figures you had as a kid, except on a much larger scale where there are real people involved. Who you control. Safe to say, that power can go to your head. Owners who fall prey to their own egos will test the limits of what is accepted or rational or allowed, just to see if anyone tries to get in their way and stop them (Exhibit A). Naturally, this can get owners in trouble, and unfortunately, they don't see the errors of their ways until it's a little bit too late (Might I once again remind you to take a gander at Exhibit A?!?!)

But, as luck would have it, these executives are empathetic and tend to look out for each other, as if they let one man go down based on his own merit as a billionaire, that's one less person they can play laser missile squash with at their secret rich guy clubs that we're not supposed to know about. As such, they band together, looking for ways to safeguard their power and vast influence from their single greatest nemesis:


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Good Fortune: Meeting Bob Hartley and Supporting a Great Cause

MC Hockey
November 07 2012 08:21PM



From a long and disappointing absence (due to no NHL games), this author and all-around nice guy (right?) emerges from parenting and work stress to have the good fortune of supporting a great cause by being the successful bidder on the Kidsport Calgary breakfast with Bob Hartley. And, yes I do mean THAT Bob Hartley (Calgary Flames coach) and not comedian Bob Newhart or someone else with a similar name (although Bob Newhart WAS funny at times so might have been fun).

Anyways, I was lucky enough to put in a last minute bid on the breakfast for 3 friends and I to sit with Mr. Hartley at a table at the Kidsport Calgary Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast on November 16.  So what's so exciting about that?

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Vintage Flame
November 07 2012 09:26AM


Recently I had the chance to talk to Uffe Bodin, the Editor in Chief for hockeysverige.se. Uffe was updating the twitter-verse with the happenings around the various Swedish hockey leagues. I took the opportunity to ask how Mikael Backlund was faring playing with VIK Västerås HK in the HockeyAllsvenskan league. He replied...


After a short discussion back and forth, Uffe agreed to do an interview for Flames Nation specifically about Mikael and his start to this season. After all, who doesn't want another article about Mikis, right?

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