Giordano Photoshop Contest Entries

Kent Wilson
August 29 2011 10:40AM



It's been about a week since we announced the Giordano PS contest, so it's time to reveal the entries and start voting for the winners.

Things started out slowly since the celebratory theme made it a bit tougher for folks to come up with ideas. It's easier to be mean, apparently. That said, we ended up receiving 12 quality photoshops. Some won't be eligilbe for the prize (they'll be marked and won't show up in the poll), but all are worthy of being posted.

So, without further ado...

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Moss at Center?

Kent Wilson
August 26 2011 01:07PM



In all the discussions of potential line combinations this summer, the one that is mostly overlooked is the possibility of David Moss shifting from the right side to the middle of the ice. Flames fans will remember last year that Moss moved up the depth chart and skated a few games between Iginla and Tanguay before being felled by a knee injury in practice for the rest of the year.

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The Rise of Gio Part 1: The Early Years

Pat Steinberg
August 25 2011 03:09AM

Mark Giordano enters the coming season as one of the most important players on the Calgary Flames if they hope to remain competitive for a Western Conference playoff spot.  With Robyn Regehr gone to Buffalo, Giordano's role will be the largest it's ever been on an NHL team.  Yet, added responsibilities aren't anything new for Gio, who has seen the importance of his role increase on a yearly basis.  To this point, the soon-to-be 28 year old defenceman has passed every test with flying colours, making him one of Calgary's most popular players along the way.  So where did things all start for the undrafted Giordano?

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Vintage Flame
August 24 2011 04:30PM



One player that the Flames management and fans will want to keep a close eye on in this upcoming season is defiitely Mikael Backlund. Being touted as Calgary's best prospect, it's time for Mikael to make the jump from a prospect to a fully fledged role player. Entering his third year with Calgary, this season just may provide the opportunity for the young Swede to show just what he can do, with a little ambition and a lot of hard work.

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Yay Optimism - Forward Depth

Robert Cleave
August 23 2011 11:47PM



As the Flames prepare for the last season before the next lockout (there's only some much optimism I'm capable of), one of the likely strong suits of this year's team will be the middle of the order. We've spent plenty of time around these parts bemoaning the lack of a clear number one center, and absent some fairly strange occurrences, that's not likely to change, but the Flames' overall depth at forward is the one factor that might haul them into the second season. With that in mind, there's one line I'd like to see assembled from opening day.

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