VOICE OF THE NATION - Bring Out Your Dead

Vintage Flame
November 22 2011 02:24PM



This is one of the funniest movies known to mankind. The humour is subtle but deliberate and there are more underlying messages than Wilson counts scoring chances in a week’s worth of Flames games. Does this clip remind you of anything or anyone that we talk about often on this site?

It should.

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Jason Strudwick
November 21 2011 11:25PM

Going into the offseason I thought it was pretty unlikely that I would receive a contract offer in the NHL.

That is the circle of life in the NHL.

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Postgame: Sigh

Nation World HQ
November 21 2011 07:58PM

A listless start and an uninspired finish bookended a 4-1 Calgary loss on Monday night, as the Flames fell in their first meeting this season with the NHL worst Columbus Blue Jackets.  Calgary allowed the Jackets to get off to a quick start but aside from a decent push in the middle stages of the game, they weren't able to mount much of a comeback, especially in the third period.  It's an unfortunate way for Calgary to open an important four game road trip.

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 19 versus Columbus Blue Jackets

Kent Wilson
November 21 2011 07:57PM




Final Score: 4-1L

Final Summary


Head-to-head ice

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Game 19 - Flames vs. Blue Jackets Live Chat

Kent Wilson
November 21 2011 04:44PM

Flames beat one the best in biz convincingly last game and tonight they meet the bottom of the barrel. While the BJ's record isn't truly indicative of their talent level, Columbus remains one of the West's lesser lights. Carter, Nash, Vermetter and Umberger and worth watching to one degree or another, but the depth falls off quickly from there.

Rookie Ryan Joahansen might be worth a damn some day, but his okay 8 points and +2 in 15 games so far is mostly the bounces - he sports a personal SH% of 18%+ and he's one of the only BJ's with a PDO north of 101. His possession rate is also superficially decent (+9.75/60) but it's mostly due to a zone start of 59.6%. Still might be worth a look.

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