Ramdom Thoughts - Purgatory, Bourque and Phaneuf

Kent Wilson
November 15 2011 10:25AM



The Senators are in town tonight, a rebuilding team whom the Flames may well emulate in short order if a few more bets go the wrong way this year. Bryan Murray is one of the few NHL GM's whose management of his assets was even more dire than late-stage Darryl Sutter, so the Senators erosion was more rapid and their fall from grace more stark than the Flames. It's amazing he still has a job.

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Jason Strudwick
November 14 2011 11:29AM

"Protect yourself at all times." These are the instructions that boxers receive prior to a match. All hockey players need to start doing the same thing.

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Anaheim Claims Nik Hagman

Kent Wilson
November 14 2011 10:31AM


According to Bob McKenzie, the Anaheim Ducks have claimed Niklas Hagman on re-entry waivers this morning.

That means the Flames are on the hook for half of Hagman's $3M cap hit this season (1.5M). That cap space will remain dead till the end of the year, although the move saves the owners $1.5M in real dollars - a not insignificant sum no matter how rich you are.

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Black Box: Week 6

Robert Vollman
November 14 2011 09:10AM



Week six, and the Calgary Flames are tied for 25th over-all with the Anaheim Ducks and Carolina Hurricanes, ahead of just the Winnipeg Jets, the New York Islanders and the Columbus Blue Jackets. The main reason for having only the Jackets between  them and the Western Conference basement floor is having scored just 35 goals scored in 16 games – more than only the Ducks and Islanders.

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The Unlikely Emergence of Krys Kolanos

Nation World HQ
November 13 2011 03:17PM


It’s appropriate a shroud of mystery surrounds Krys Kolanos in the days after his professional tryout contract (PTO) with the Abbotsford Heat expired.

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