Jason Gregor
November 27 2012 12:08PM

Jeremy Roenick scored 513 goals and 1216 points in 1363 games. In his first 15 seasons he was a point-a-game player scoring 1,124 points in 1,120 games, but then the lockout hit. He'd already played 15 years and it's likely he was going to slow down, but a full season off, where he admittedly didn't train that hard, combined with a serious concussion from a Boris Mironov slapshot to the face saw Roenick's career stats wind down quicker than other elite scorers.

He scored 96 points in his final four seasons, 239 games, so some younger fans never got to see a true reflection of Roenicks' skill. He was a dynamic player. He scored 50 twice, had three 100-point seasons, and he played with an edge.
He had 38 regular season fights, and two preseason fights in his career, and he fought guys like Marty McSorley, Craig Berube, Jeff Odgers, Scott Walker and Matthew Barnaby. He didn't just fight scorers, and the league was different when he broke in. If you were going to run around and hit guys, even if you were a star, you'd have to fight your own battles. Sadly, that isn't the case today.

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World Junior Hopefuls: Johnny Gaudreau

Ryan Pike
November 27 2012 09:36AM

Every year, the annual IIHF World Junior Championship tournament provides young hockey players with a great opportunity to show their wares against the best players from the age-group from throughout the world. It's a great development tool and players as varied as Jarome Iginla, Roman Horak and Leland Irving have had the chance to represent their nations at the World Juniors. Over the next few weeks, we're going to take a look at the chances of the various Flames prospects vying for World Junior roster spots.

Next up is Johnny Gaudreau.

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Kent Wilson
November 26 2012 01:10PM




The Calgary Flames are known for being a lousy drafting organization. For good reason - they haven't internally picked and developed a star quality forward since Cory Stillman in 1992 and even he isn't exactly a hall-of-famer. Their best draft pick in the last decade is Dion Phanuef  by a considerable margin. Behind him, the second best pick in terms of games played over that period is...third liner Brandon Prust.

It's been a long, sad march through mediocrity at the draft table for Calgary. The Jesper Mattsson's and Rico Fata's of the world have outnumbered the Phaneuf's and Stillman's 10-1. The reason Darryl Sutter was so manic and determined in his attempts to trade the future for the present during his time in office was because the franchise failed so utterly to surround marquee players like Jarome Iginla and Miikka Kiprusoff with high-end, homegrown talent.

It wasn't always this way. If you peel back the veil of time and peer into the now distant past, you'll discover the Flames were once a juggernaut built almost exclusively through savvy drafting. Nowhere are those rapidly fading successes more pronounced than in the 1984 NHL entry draft.

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Flames Prospect Update, November 26 2012

Ryan Pike
November 26 2012 08:39AM

The American populace celebrated Thanksgiving, which didn't really impact Flames prospects except for a Portland Winterhawks matinee on Black Friday. Anyhoo, the Heat went down to Texas and Calgary's college prospects went into battle against those stuffed shirts in the Ivy League.

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KHL: Yakupov's 2 Points, SKA fires coach, Gonchar's cannon breaks glass

Steve Dangle
November 25 2012 09:40PM


Can you imagine how much everyone would freak out if a team won a game that moved them into 1st place in the league and then they fired the coach? Well, that happened today in the KHL. No, really.

Some great action around the KHL today. Check it out!

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