Five things: Oh I don't know

Ryan Lambert
May 30 2013 10:35AM

1. The Flames' draft strategy

So the NHL's website has been talking to various teams' officials in recent weeks and talking about the strategies those organizations will employ once the draft rolls around. Earlier this week, they talked to John Weisbrod about what the Flames plan to do.

And hey, look, I don't want to make it out like I'm immediately dismissive of their strategy late next month, but when he got right down to things, ideas like "drafting for need" came up. Which obviously infuriated me for different reasons.

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Flames First Round Targets 2013: Josh Morrissey

Ryan Pike
May 29 2013 01:28PM



This year's draft is being lauded for the number of highly-skilled forwards in it. With names like MacKinnon, Drouin and Barkov being tossed again, it's easy to forget sometimes that there are also a lot of high-level defensive prospects available on June 30. Everyone knows about Seth Jones. A lot of people know about Darnell Nurse and his impressive lineage. But not a lot of people know about an excellent blueliner that's been honing his craft right in the Flames back yard.

That blueliner is Josh Morrissey of the Prince Albert Raiders.

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Flames Top 15 Prospects 2013: #10 Laurent Brossoit

Christian Roatis
May 29 2013 08:48AM

What's the similarity between Laurent Brossoit's statistics and his FN prospect ranking relative to last season?

They've both climbed.

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RIP Anton Babchuk's Calgary Career

May 28 2013 04:15PM



Good afternoon.

We are gathered here today to pay tribute to the notion of something we never truly came to grips with. We are here to say goodbye to Anton Babchuk, Calgary Flame.

Please be seated.

Born Anton “Anatoliiovych” Babchuk in Kiev, Ukraine, on May 6th, 1984, Babchuk's middle name, once again, is ANATOLIIOVYCH, and that is a total nightmare. This is fitting because it would also come to be an apt metaphor for Flames fans who would see him play in Calgary.

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Random Thoughts - More Changes on the Horizon

Kent Wilson
May 28 2013 09:58AM


- pic via Justin Yamada

The Flames have already gone through a lot of fundamental change since Jarome Iginla was traded, but talking to some of the media close to the team this off-season one gets the feeling there's more to come, starting (if possible) with the draft. The primary target to get moved next seems to be Alex Tanguay - although his cap hit isn't all that bad, the feeling seems to be that he's not considered part of the solution going forward.

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