OCCD2 - Happy Valentine's Day

February 14 2010 11:46AM

The first lazy Saturday of the 2010 Olympics have come and gone and we now consider ourselves an authority on speed skating, mogul skiing and the Gold Medal prospects of the Canadian Womens Ice Hockey Squadron. We have also heard enough sound bites of patriotic classical music to be able to write a series of National Anthems ourselves.

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Flames v. Ducks Postgame: Iggy! Iggy! Iggy!

February 14 2010 11:21AM

Calgary Flames: 3 -- Eric Nystrom, Jarome Iginla (2) [GWG]

Anaheim Ducks: 1 -- Troy Bodie

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Flames are eighth wonder

Jean Lefebvre
February 14 2010 09:37AM

The word "big" is overused and abused in the world of sports. So much so that hardly anyone bats an eyelash when a TV talking head prefaces a largely consequence-less mid-November hockey contest by declaring: "This is a BIG game!"

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GDFD No. 62: Me and you are done, you clowns

Ryan Lambert
February 13 2010 06:24PM

Welcome to the Game Day Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s 62nd game of the season on Feb. 13, 2010.

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Olympic Chit Chat Day 1 Recap

February 13 2010 12:50PM


Per the demands of such luminaries as Archaeologuy and RossCreek "(Make) and a daily general Olympic blog ... then those who don't really care don't have to read through a bunch of comments they otherwise wouldn't." Your wish is our command: here is your very first OCC article for these here Olympiads.

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