UFA Profile: Brendan Morrison

Pat Steinberg
June 30 2011 01:46AM

As weird as it was watching former Canucks forward, and Flames killer, Brendan Morrison suit up in Calgary colours this past season, you can't deny one thing: Morrison gave the Flames very good value on the bargain basement contract they signed him to.  Finishing with 43 points in 66 games, Calgary really did get great return on their $725,000 investment; the problem is, there might not logically be room for them to invest in Morrison again this season.

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UFA Profile: Anton Babchuk

Pat Steinberg
June 29 2011 05:29PM

Watching the progression of Anton Babchuk in his time with the Calgary Flames this past season was one of the more interesting storylines of the 2010-11 campaign.  While he gave the Flames an element they haven't had since Dion Phaneuf manned the point, we also saw a number of deficincies in Babchuk's game.  Because he had strong counting numbers, Babchuk will have interested parties that may drive his price tag up; a price tag I believe the Flames need to be very wary of.

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Flames Goals and the UFA Market

Kent Wilson
June 29 2011 04:48PM



In a recent post today "The Flames Head to Free Agency", Scott Reynolds had this to say:

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Player Profile - Chris Butler

Robert Cleave
June 29 2011 12:42AM




As the Robyn Regehr transaction unfolded this past weekend, there was a considerable sense of disappointment when Chris Butler was announced as the NHL portion of the return. Butler, a 24 year old defenceman from St. Louis, was used for much of the year as a 4th/5th D by the Sabres, particularly in the early part of the season. 

One somewhat surprising item that did pique my interest was the fact that his minutes really spiked after he returned from injury in February. That was a period where the Sabres were playing very well as they made the climb to 7th in the East, so it did get me wondering how he was used during this period and how productive he was.

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A Closer Look at Paul Byron

Kent Wilson
June 28 2011 10:03AM



It's no secret I consider the return for Robyn Regehr underwhelming. Chris Butler and Paul Byron are players that strike me as the type of assets that are freely available at any given point in any given off-season. There was a whole collection of guys superior to Byron recently not qualified by their teams for instance.

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