FGD: Apparently The Season Starts Today?

October 11 2012 06:50PM


Well boys and girls, it's that time again: OPENING NIGHT HAPPY FUN TIME! Your Calgary Flames take on their classic foes, the Vancouver Suckiest Sucks Who Ever Sucked, and I don't know about you, but after what seemed like an especially long postseason, I could not be more excited for some down home professional hockey, the way it's supposed to be done.

Just as an aside, does it seem like all those exhibition games just didn't happen? I'm sure the Flames did pretty well, but I just can't remember how any of those games ended.

So here we are, opening night. The season is born anew like Gaia breathing the first breath of spring, ridding us of winter's frosty bite (looks outside...snow. Hmmm, that's weird). Hope springs eternal. Optimism abound. Not making the playoffs last year is a thing of the past, it's onwards and upwards. We're all starting at zero today, friends, and anything can happen over these next 82 games.

That said, it seems like no one is buying tickets for the game. It seems like the Saddledome faithful do not fancy the Flames chances this year, and are apparently boycotting something. Don't know what that's about.

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Five things: Well this stinks

Ryan Lambert
October 11 2012 10:33AM

1. The Alberta Labour Board just screwed everything up

Well, today was supposed to be the Flames' first game of the season but instead we have this stupid lockout to deal with. Gross and yucky, I agree. Things got very little help from the Alberta Labour Board, which was like, "No this lockout is legal league-wide if it's legal anywhere, so deal with it."

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Steve Dangle
October 10 2012 10:02PM


Fellow Nations contributer Andrey Osadchenko and I have started making highlight packs in English for the KHL youtube channel this season. Like them? We can make it a regular feature here at the Nations.


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Flames Prospect News Round-Up, October 10 2012

Ryan Pike
October 10 2012 11:12AM



Another week, another reminder that the National Hockey League is still locked out. But don't despair, as the Flames best and brightest prospects are starting their regular seasons – albeit in the American Hockey League or the Hockey East conference of the NCAA.

All this and more in this week's news round-up!

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Are the Red Wings Primed for a Fall From Grace?

October 10 2012 08:30AM

Photo: Kalle Reimann/Wikimedia/CC BY-SA 3.0

“Now that (fill in the blank) has retired, we’ll likely see the Red Wings return to the pack”.

I think I first heard that after the Russian Five gradually left the Red Wings. Then again when Scotty Bowman retired and they lost players like Dominic Hasek, Brendan Shanahan and so on. Yet again when Yzerman retired. And the same things were being said this past summer when Lidstrom retired and they weren’t able to sign Ryan Suter.

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