Powered by quiet strength, TJ Brodie knows what it takes

Patrick Johnston
January 14 2013 12:11PM


'Speak softly but carry a big stick'; Theodore Roosevelt once said that. Whether or not TJ Brodie is a student of presidential history or not, Roosevelt's motto is a perfect fit for the young defenceman. 

Following his 54 game season last year, Brodie was shipped off to the AHL for the duration of the lockout. His puck skills have been clearly NHL-calibre on the farm, but his overall dominance while on the ice for the Heat is what is really worth noting. 

A 'young' 21 when he made his debut, the now 22-year-old Brodie looks set to step forward for the Flames. We caught up with him after Friday night's 3-1 loss to Chicago, before he shipped off to Calgary for training camp.

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Some Thoughts Heading into Camp and another FN Photoshop contest

Kent Wilson
January 14 2013 10:36AM

With a few injury exceptions, the Flames players and hopefuls had their first skate yesterday. They'll be on the ice everyday this week and we will likely have at least one writer in attendance to report some observations. For now, here's a few things that are bouncing around my head.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Flames' Schedule

January 13 2013 02:22PM




If you haven't visited the blog in a while 1) What's wrong with you? 2) That's a very good point. 3) But they finally reached an agreement. 4) you may have noticed we haven't had a FGD posting in a long time, except for this one, but it doesn't count, because the guy who wrote it is a bit of a braying ninny starved for attention.

But that's all about to change, as the i's have been dotted, t's crossed, leers exchanged, trust forever shattered, and the end result is a signed MOU, which is a thing, I guess, but also an NHL schedule! Remember those?

Well they're coming back, which means we can all pour into the Saddledome on select days and not have to remark that the big Flaming C at Center Ice is really just a reminder on what we're missing.

So here's the highlights and lowlights of your Calgary Flames schedule.

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Flames Training Camp Primer

Ryan Pike
January 13 2013 11:16AM

The CBA is officially ratified and hockey fans can rest assured that we won't ever see another lockout. Well, at least until 2022. In the mean-time, the NHL has released its schedule and the Calgary Flames will begin camp for the shortened 2013 season on Sunday.

The Flames released their camp roster and schedule late Saturday. Here's a quick-and-dirty primer.

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AGD: Seeking Redemption

Kent Wilson
January 12 2013 06:44PM


Time: 8:00pm

Location: Abbotsford Sports and Entertainment Centre

Broadcast: teamradio.ca

Leland Irving got a chance to make an impression with the Flames organizationlast night with his first start in nearly a month. It didn't go well. The former first rounder let in 3 goals in 10 shots in the opening period, essentially sealing he clubs fate in the first 20 minutes. Danny Taylor replaced him in the second, but the damage was done.

Irving now has a steep mountain to climb heading into Flames training camp. After making a decent impression in his cup of coffee with the team last season, he subsequently lost his starting position to Taylor on the farm and the usurpation has held (deepened, in fact) this year. Barry Burst pushed Irving even further away from the Abbotsford crease and through the first 3+ months of play, Irving has only six games and managed a ghastly .878 SV%.

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