Black Box: OZQoC Charts

Robert Vollman
September 12 2011 08:57AM



An OZQoC Chart, pronounced “Oz-Coke” is a visual representation of the situations in which a team's players are used.  By combining the following two statistics, a player's role can be determined at a glance, providing the valuable context in which his other statistics can be studied.  Quite frankly, it is a necessary first step before any other statistic is even mentioned, which is why it will be the first part of our weekly Black Box statistical summaries this season.

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Postgame: Well, that's familiar

Pat Steinberg
September 11 2011 08:33PM

Tell me if you've heard this before: The Calgary Flames control the balance of the play for the majority of a hockey game, do some good things down low possession wise, and yet come away without a victory.  That was very much the same for Flames prospects on Sunday night in Penticton, falling 6-1 at the hands of San Jose to open the 2011 Young Stars Tournament.

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PGD: Flames and San Jose

Pat Steinberg
September 11 2011 01:22PM

It's our Young Stars version of FGD in Penticton, as it's Flames Prospects Game Day tonight when Calgary's top young players hook up with those of the San Jose Sharks.  The game can be seen live on and we'll have a full recap following the matchup.  It's a pretty veteran looking Flames squad as they take part in the first game of the tournament.

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September 11 2011 09:59AM

Ten years ago today we were sitting at the breakfast table getting ready to match wits with a class at the U of A. The entire family was watching BBC News when they announced that a plane had accidentally crashed into the World Trade Center. As they cut to live footage and commentary, it was a matter of minutes until we saw the second plane crash into the second tower live.

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Young Stars Tournament Preview

Pat Steinberg
September 10 2011 11:42PM

FlamesNation is in Penticton for the second annual Young Stars Tournament involving prospects from the Flames, Oilers, Sharks, Jets and the host Canucks.  Last year was the coming out party for T.J. Brodie, a party that carried over to main camp and culminated with the defenceman starting the season with the big team.  Who will stand out this year?  We'll find out starting Sunday night.

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