The Half-Way Roundtable

Ryan Pike
January 10 2014 10:24AM

We've crossed over the 41-game mark of the 2013-14 Calgary Flames season and are past the half-way point. To get a sense of how the club is doing on (and off) the ice, we've gathered the FlamesNation posse for another edition of the Roundtable.

Join myself, Kent Wilson, Byron Bader, Christian Roatis, Justin Azevedo and the Book of Loob, and add your take in the comments!

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Post Game: Nope! No goals.

Taylor McKee
January 09 2014 09:41PM

pic via Chiot's Run

Before the game, Sportsnet played the highlights of the last Flames/Blues game on December 23rd. The Flames erasing a two-goal third period deficit, Giordano scoring with five seconds left to the roar of a dome crowd, once again invested in the fortunes of a loveable but altogether out-matched team.

It all seemed real but at the same time too improbable to believe. I mean, I know it's statistically possible for the Flames to score at home, I just don't think I have been alive for it. If I have, I must not remember it.

In the game that I watched, in a cold, distant, and seemingly separate universe from the one that the Dec. 23rd game was played in, the Flames were pummeled at home 5-0 by the Blues. Thats 11-0 the Flames have been outscored in their last two games.The game kinda reminded me of playing one-on-basketball with an older, taller brother. One who was interested to see what you could do sometimes but ultimately wasn't going to let win. Or score.  

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FGD: Hey, How About A Goal?

January 09 2014 02:37PM




Your Calgary Flames return home tonight, fresh off a sad, tiny road trip where, well okay that Colorado game was great, but goal scoring, as I'm sure you've noticed, continues to be down. After falling 6-0 to the Coyotes in the hockey metropolis that is the great state of Arizona, the Flames have now been shutout 4 times in the past 6 games and scored only 5 goals in that same span.

Needless to say, that is a pressing concern.

And as that old saying about how things get worse before they get better, well brother, things are about to get worse before they get better. The Flames welcome the St. Louis Blues to the Scotiabank Saddledome tonight, and if we're all lucky and send a prayer to all our respective deities (mine's German Titov), we mayhaps see a Flames goal or two tonight.

Maybe. We'll see.

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Billins, Street Named to AHL All-Star Team

Ryan Pike
January 09 2014 01:27PM

As we prepare for tonight's contest between the Calgary Flames and the St. Louis Blues, some good news has been announced. Two Abbotsford Heat players - who both spent time up with the Flames this year - will represent the American Hockey League in this year's AHL All-Star Classic. Ben Street and Chad Billins will join the AHL squad as they play Finland's Farjestads BK club on February 12 in St. John's, Newfoundland. Yes, that's Hakan Loob's team.

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Five things: Balancing act

Ryan Lambert
January 09 2014 09:54AM

1. We gotta call it

At this point, we have to just concede that there's no more reason to watch the Calgary Flames for the remainder of the season, right? Well, apart from masochism.

Obviously everyone on the planet knew they were going to be bad this year. I thought they'd be the worst in the league, and they're certainly trending that way, but a lot of very smart people had them a year away from bottoming out. I don't know how you get much worse than this.

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