Vintage Flame
January 05 2012 08:58AM


The other night undoubtedly registered a wide range of emotions amongst fans. From the shock at the Russian start; the anger of the Canadian’s undisciplined play; the dismay of a five goal deficit; the elation of a four goal comeback; the heartbreak of a one goal loss and finally to the agony that for the first time in eleven years, we will not be watching Canada play in the Gold medal game.

However, it’s not over just yet for the Canadian Juniors. They can still come out of the tournament with a medal. It may not be Gold, but there is something to be said about the fact that you have to lose the game to get the silver; you have to win the bronze. Canada can still end this tournament on their terms and walk away with their heads held high.

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Five Things: Back to Reality

Ryan Lambert
January 04 2012 11:02AM


1. Will the real Calgary Flames please stand up?

Only a bad shootout win over the worst team in the league separates Calgary from being 0-3-2 in their last five, all of which were against teams either at or below the 7th place spot at the time of puck drop. In short, it hasn't been a good week.

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Bourque to face disciplinary hearing

Robert Cleave
January 04 2012 09:08AM


The Flames' woes on the road continued last night with a loss versus the Capitals, and further bad news might be just around the corner. Rene Bourque has a hearing with the Sheriff today, following a hit on Nick Backstrom late in last night's loss.

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 41 vs Washington Capitals

Kent Wilson
January 03 2012 07:35PM




Final Score:3-1 L

Final Summary


Head-to-head ice


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Game 41 - Flames vs Capitals Live Chat

Kent Wilson
January 03 2012 04:44PM

The Flames stumbled their way through the easy portion of the road trip so now they face the unfavorable task of picking up points against much tougher competition in order to stay in the thick of the WC playoff race.

That starts tonight with the Caps. It's been a rocky road for WAS so far and it looks like Alex Ovechkin has gone from a freakish force of nature to *just* a very good player. Despite their hiccups, the Capitals remain a formidable foe - they are currently 4th in the league in terms of possession (score-tied) behind only DET, STL and CHI (Flames are 19th). Their goaltending has been relatively mediocre and some big guns are suffering through poor SH%, but their first half record shouldn't be taken as proof that their window has closed.

If I was to pick a team to have a big second half of the season, the Caps are near the top of the list. Calgary will need to be drastically better than they have been in their previous stops recently to have any sort of chance.

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