The Anti-Cammalleri

Jean Lefebvre
May 16 2010 10:32AM

For years, the identity of the true culprit in the Boston Bruins' too-many-men infraction against the Montreal Canadiens in the 1979 playoffs was somewhat of a mystery. Coach Don Cherry immediately took the blame for the screw-up, which probably cost the B's a chance to advance to the Stanley Cup final.

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The 21-million-dollar question

Jean Lefebvre
May 15 2010 09:41AM

A significant portion of the Calgary fanbase can't stomach the idea of the Flames parting ways with Jarome Iginla.

Some think it would be a lousy idea to trade Iginla and others don't get as far as the "think" stage, instead basing their feeling on sentiment and gut reaction. Considering how many of the franchise's stars over the years finished their careers elsewhere — Gary Roberts, Theoren Fleury, Al MacInnis, Gary Suter and the guy for whom Iginla was traded way back when, Joe Nieuwendyk — it's an understandable reaction. We'll leave it up to you and your consciences if Mike Vernon qualifies as an exception to this rule.

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Evgeni Malkin is Overrated

Kent Wilson
May 14 2010 03:07PM

Pittsburgh Penguins Malkin hangs his head after losing to the Montreal Canadians in their NHL game in Pittsburgh


I watched the Habs take down the Penguins in the second round and beyond being struck by how uncanny the Canadiens current run is (remind you of '04 anyone?) I also came away thoroughly unimpressed with Evgeni Malkin, a player I rarely get to see much of here on the West Coast.

He made a lot of questionable decisions with the puck on his stick in the offensive zone. Drop pass to nobody type stuff. I think I even heard Bertuzzi sigh in frustration a couple of times.

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May 13 2010 01:46PM

Much like the fan who shot the - ahem - "rap" video above, you have to hand it to the Montreal Canadiens for not only knocking off the Washington Capitals but now impossibly the Pittsburgh Penguins as well.

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Around the League - Playoff Edition - wk 4

Jason Gregor
May 13 2010 09:28AM

I love the scrutiny, passion, analysis and most of all the emotion that we experience during the NHL playoffs. The hockey is awesome even though Albertans had to enjoy it all on TV, and now Canuck fans are feeling like Sami Salo in game five, but this postseason is still the most riveting I’m witnessed in years.

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