VOICE OF THE NATION - The Fountain of Youth

Vintage Flame
August 30 2011 11:39AM



 (Today we debut VF's Voice of the Nation - a weekly from a more fan friendly perspective)

For months we have talked about what the Calgary Flames need to do this off-season to not only remain competitive in this upcoming season, but to also enhance and secure a viable future, with a refocused look on drafting and development in the farm system. This week we debut "Voice of the Nation", grassroots look at what a team can do from within to dig themselves out of mediocrity and strive towards being a contender once more.

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Daymond Langkow - An Appreciation

Robert Cleave
August 30 2011 07:56AM



This is clearly one of those pieces that I’d rather not have to write, since I’m compelled to discuss a player that, if I had my druthers, would have had the chance to author a Conroy-style coda over the next few years. A player enjoying a period of graceful aging and a nice retirement ceremony is a rare thing to witness in the modern world, though, and yesterday, Daymond Langkow became the latest athlete asked to move along as he neared the gloaming.

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Losing Langkow: Unfortunate but Understandable

Pat Steinberg
August 29 2011 05:56PM

Seeing the Calgary Flames deal Daymond Langkow to Phoenix in exchange for Lee Stempniak left me with a very similar feeling to Calgary's deal with Buffalo at the draft in Minnesota.  While it sucks to see Langkow leave, I can understand the rationale behind moving a 35 year old forward who has played next to no hockey over the last year.  He may still be a very effective player, but it's tough to see how Langkow fits into the longterm plans of the Flames.

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At the wheel of a rudderless ship

Ryan Lambert
August 29 2011 04:18PM


With Daymond Langkow traded, Jay Feaster has to figure out what the hell it is he thinks he's doing. And fast.

The problem I have — as any observer of the Calgary Flames, partial or impartial,  with a brain should — with the Daymond Langkow trade is that it quite literally doesn't make any sense from any angle.

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A Closer Look at Lee Stempniak

Kent Wilson
August 29 2011 03:22PM



The newest Calgary Flame is RW Lee Stempniak. Former Blue, Leaf and Coyote, Stempniak exploded onto the scene in 2006-07, scoring 27 goals and 52 points for a lousy Blues team. His unlikely 25+ goal season seemed to hint at a future high-end offensive player.

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