FGD: Kings Ascension

Kent Wilson
March 28 2012 01:25PM


Five games, two points out, a narrowing window and an ever present, but dwindling hope the Flames can pull off the miraculous. For some fans, the last five games remain a glimmer on the edge of a darkening horizon. Others, however, feel like a death row inmate waiting out the inevitable.

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The Magical Time Before The Instigator Rule

Jonathan Willis
March 28 2012 10:25AM

Show any hard hit on a star player, or any cheap shot, and someone is bound to talk about the need to dump the instigator rule. They may reference the magical time before the instigator rule was implemented, generally in a ‘back when men were men and rats were hunted down and killed’ sort of way.

It’s self-delusion, of course.

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Five things: What a team

Ryan Lambert
March 28 2012 09:08AM

1. False hope

Watching the Flames' pretty impressive comeback win over Dallas on Sunday was frustrating.

Not that they didn't play well or anything like that, but I was annoyed — who me? no way. — with all of it for two reasons.

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Vintage Flame
March 27 2012 09:21PM


When I looked at the last fifteen games of the season, I had banked on a split between the Flames and the Dallas Stars. Now with only five games remaining, that split carries a lot more negative connotations than before. There is no dispute that if Calgary was to pull out a miracle of an improbable last ditch effort to make the playoffs that last night’s win was a must. And to their credit, they got it. They also managed to score five goals, one shy of their previous cumulative five game total. They also managed to get three of those goals on the powerplay, and from players that had been in a drought at the worst possible time of the season.

So what does this win mean for the team, when it was a night where the Flames needed everything to go their way and actually got it? It could mean extending the season if this team can replicate the result at least four more times... it could mean absolutely nothing.

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Flames in March

Kent Wilson
March 27 2012 11:17AM



It's been a strange last leg for Calgary. The club has gone through consecutive five game winning and losing streaks in March, with the latter ironically occurring as the club has gotten healthier. Throw in Matt Stajan getting hot and Olli Jokinen falling off a cliff and you have perhaps the oddest month of the year for the Flames.

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