2014 Trade Deadline Live Blog

Ryan Pike
March 05 2014 09:22AM

Intrepid boy reporter (and FlamesNation's managing editor) Ryan Pike is hunkered down in the deep recesses of the Scotiabank Saddledome for the 2014 NHL trade deadline. If something goes down today in regards to your Calgary Flames, we'll be all over it.

And if nothing much happens for awhile, we'll do our best to keep you informed and entertained nonetheless. Follow along here at on Twitter: @FlamesNation and @RyanNPike.

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Flames 2014 Trade Deadline Primer

Christian Roatis
March 04 2014 02:14PM

(pic via imgur)

The most astute of hockey inclined calendar experts will notice a typo relating to the holiday Christmas. It's listed as the 25th of December on your standard, run of the mill calendar, when in fact it should be the 5th of March. After all, that's when the Trade Deadline is scheduled this year.

For many NHL enthusiasts, this is one of the best days of the 365 we have at our disposal, yearly. We book the day off work or school - the reasoning we give is usually less than truthful, *cough* *sniffle* - and flip on TSN's Tradecentre for a glorious 10 hours (no offense to Sportsnet). Watching the ever talented James Duthie stall for the first four or so hours before the first trade is usually made is just as enjoyable as hearing the "Insiders" break the blockbusters.

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Burke’s smoke and mirror show fails to drive up Cammalleri’s price

Steve Macfarlane
March 04 2014 09:40AM


(courtesy NHL/NHL.com)

Veteran Flames reporter Steve Macfarlane is back, this time shedding light on the ongoing Mike Cammalleri/Brian Burke/trade/contract saga.

Talk of a contract extension for Michael Cammalleri is nothing more than a marketing play by Calgary Flames president of hockey operations and until-further-notice general manager Brian Burke.

Burke is trying to jack up the price by suggesting the diminutive winger has enough of an edge and other leadership qualities to go with his skill to be the kind of player he’d keep around despite his well-publicized preference for more meat in his lineup.

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Post-Game: Exactly As Expected

Ryan Pike
March 03 2014 09:08PM


Tonight was basically what you'd expect on-paper from a match-up between the Calgary Flames and the Minnesota Wild. The Wild, with a talented club, home ice and some good play, pulled out a one-goal win at home. The Flames, full of piss and vinegar, got down twice and battled back before narrowly tasting defeat.

It was exactly what you would have expected, and that's just fine, because nights like this provide a road-map for what tinkering needs to be done to help this team become more competitive. And by sheer coincidence, this handy lesson comes about 42 hours before the trade deadline.

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FGD: The Granlund Bowl

Taylor McKee
March 03 2014 12:26PM



Yes, it will be another nostalgic Northwest division showdown in Minny tonight, with the Flames welcoming back some familiar faces and trying out some new lines against the Wild, who are firmly seated in the first wildcard position in the Western Conference. 

Perhaps one of the most intriguing story lines is the fact that Markus Granlund will be taking on his older brother Mikael for the first time (hopefully of many) in the NHL. Mikael was a top-ten pick (Markus was taken 45th in 2011) for the Wild in the 2010 NHL draft and has had a difficult time adjusting to being a full-time NHLer. But after a strong Olympics he seems to be settling in and is having easily his best season as a pro in North America. 

Have a look at the rosters after the jump

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