This is my brother Bronze, and my other brother Bronze

Pat Steinberg
March 02 2010 09:33AM

Olympic News - February 28, 2010

So 17 days of podium owning and nationwide togetherness (or whatever) has come to an end, and all eyes return to the NHL. After an epic Olympic hockey tournament, three members of the Calgary Flames return to the city with hardware... a certain golden captain and his two bronzed Scandinavian teammates.

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Flames Trade Deadline Roundtable

Kent Wilson
March 01 2010 09:12PM

The Flames general ineptitude in the new year caused Darryl Sutter to pre-empt the March deadline and make the bulk of his moves a month ago. As such, Wednesday holds about as much intrigue and anticipation as a second honeymoon for Flames fans.

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Your Trade Deadline Primer

Kent Wilson
March 01 2010 03:06PM

With the Olympics over and the trade deadline a mere two days away, today feels a bit like the eye of the storm. Flames Nation has a number of Calgary focused articles in the hopper, but for now here's a general overview of what to expect on Wednesday.

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Flames Extend Matt Stajan

Kent Wilson
March 01 2010 10:40AM

Calgary Flames v Ottawa Senators


According to TSN, Matt Stajan has re-signed with the Calgary Flames to the tune of four years at $3.5M/season. There were some concerns that Dion Phaneuf was traded away for expiring contracts (Stajan, White, Mayers) but with this signing, Sutter has ensured the club will retain the two main pieces of deal from a Calgary perspective (Hagman and Stajan).

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OCC 16: Road Report

February 28 2010 11:10PM

We were sent an amazing set of pics and tales from loyal Citizen of the Nations KS, who has taken the road trip of a lifetime with two buddies and attended 7 - count em 7 - separate Men's hockey games at the Olympics.

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