When Push Comes to Shove, Burke Will Eat A Contract But Not His Pride

Steve Macfarlane
March 09 2014 10:14AM

(courtesy puffycoombes)

Don’t try to bully a bully.

That’s the statement Brian Burke made to his fellow hockey executives this week while stubbornly clinging to Michael Cammalleri despite the knowledge that the pending unrestricted free agent is almost assuredly moving elsewhere come July.

In Burke’s mind, something is not always better than nothing. Especially when that something means you will be perceived as weak or easily manipulated.

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Post-Game: Flames Lose Rematch With Canucks

Ryan Pike
March 08 2014 11:59PM


Just over 24 hours removed from an emotional come-from-behind win at home against the New York Islanders, the Flames visited Rogers Arena in Vancouver. Aside from a brief skirmish between Mark Giordano and Kevin Bieksa in the first period, the Flames didn't have as much intensity and emotion as they did against the Isles. Their execution was also a bit lacking, particularly around the net.

As a result, the Calgary Flames were defeated in a tight-checking 2-1 game that was alternately sloppy, choppy and occasionally hard to watch.

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FGD: A Tale of Two Teams

Taylor McKee
March 08 2014 02:32PM

After a stirring, comeback win last night at the dome, the Flames caught the red-eye and arrived in Vancouver late last night, looking for their third straight win. With callups and kids carrying the majority of the weight for the Flames in the last two games, there has been a remarkable amount of enthusiasm and optimism surrounding the team in the past few days, something that has made another losing season a lot more palatable. 

On the flipside. 2014 has been a rough ride for the Canucks so far, going 5-16-3 and falling out of the playoffs in the Western Conference. They also traded a bona-fide number one goalie to the East...twice. The fanbase has been calling for the resignation of the coach, GM, pro scouts, equipment managers, and if I was a certain orca, I wouldn't feel so secure in my current line of work either.

So, it's times like these where one starts to feel bad for poor, championship-less Canucks fans. The Heritage Classic game was just held to honour a team that won a 'Stanley Cup' in a year that the US Congress rejected a proposal to allow women to vote. I mean, it must be hard to want to--- 

I'm sorry. I can't finish this. I can't muster a single ounce of sympathy at the moment. It's too delicious. Read about tonight's HNIC tilt after the jump.

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Post-Game: Just Enough To Win

Ryan Pike
March 07 2014 10:57PM

(courtesy the NHL/NHL.com)

Joe Nieuwendyk's number was honoured (but not retired) on Friday night at the Scotiabank Saddledome. As expected, the Calgary Flames sat around on the bench for about 20 minutes as people talked about how great Nieuwendyk was as a player. Then they played a fairly uninspired two periods of hockey, aside from a few pockets of energetic play from the kids.

And then the New York Islanders failed to cash in on 66 seconds of a two-man advantage, already up two goals, and the Hockey Gods punished them for it. Three Flames goals in just over four minutes, and the Flames accomplished a miraculous comeback and won despite being the worse team for about 45 of the game's 60 minutes.

It was as if the Islanders just wanted to lose the game more than the Flames did. (Spoiler: This is probably true.)

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Byron Bader
March 07 2014 01:08PM


-via Michael Cummo Photography

Tonight, the Calgary Flames (24-31-7) host the New York Islanders (24-32-9) at the Scotiabank Saddledome. The game is an important one in the reverse standings.  If the Flames win in regulation, they leap frog the Islanders into 25th overall (no good).  If the Flames lose in regulation and Florida beats the Sabres , the Flames end up tied for the 28th spot overall (excellent).  The night will no doubt be special as former Flame great, Joe Nieuwendyk, will be honored in the Flames 'Forever a Flame' program.  Puck drops at 7 pm MT (or whenever the ceremony ends).

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