What's Heating Up - Notes From an AHL Insider

Kent Wilson
October 23 2011 11:54AM



Editor's Note - 'Slippery Pete' is a source close to the AHL who keeps an eye on the Heat and the AHL's West Division. He has promised to drop in now and then to share some info and insight on the farm club's comings and goings this year

Line Combinations

Games 1-4

Sylvester – Walter – Nemisz

Rheault – Byron – Desbiens

Bouma – Laing – Meyer

MacMillan – Patterson – Howse

Piskula – Brodie

Wilson – Mikkelson

Henry – Breen


Ortio (GM 3 & 4) (Brown GM 1 & 2)

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October 22 2011 06:08PM


What a magnificent day in Edmonton. The sun is shining, the Oilers play the Rangers this evening and oh what's that? It's Jason Gregor's birthday. We can't imagine how old he is, but short of cutting him in half and counting his rings we will estimate that today marks the start of his 52nd year on Earth. Happy Birthday!

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Postgame: Something About Paint and Drying...

Kent Wilson
October 22 2011 05:05PM



The Preds and Flames have ironically had a few barn-burners over the years. Particuarly back when Nashville boasted a few more weapons up front. This contest, however, was not one of those games.

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 7 versus Nashville

Kent Wilson
October 22 2011 04:43PM




Final score: 2-0 L

Final Summary


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Game 7 - Flames vs Predators Live Chat

Kent Wilson
October 22 2011 01:17PM

A couple of teams struggling a bit out of the game this afternoon. The Preds haven't been able to conjure any real offense while the Flames have one of the worst shot differentials on their special teams in the league. Both need to get better in order to really challenge for a playoff spot in the West.

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