Game 75 - Flames vs Wild live chat

Kent Wilson
March 22 2012 05:35PM

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FGD: Wild Hopes Tamed

Kent Wilson
March 22 2012 01:45PM



The softest portion of the Flames final leg concludes tonight in Minnesota. Having the Oilers, Blue Jackets and Wild as opponents in rapid succession should have been a blessing to a team chasing the playoff (pipe) dream, but the fates and the Flames own shortcomings colluded to sour those hopes.

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Diagnosing the Flames Ills (part 13,453,434...)

Kent Wilson
March 22 2012 10:23AM



Unless Calgary goes on the sort of run down the stretch that would make 2003-04 look commonplace, a solid portion of the this off-season will again be spent picking through the rubble, trying to piece together what went wrong. Naturally, we did something similar round these parts last year and one analysis that is even more relevant for the club today is Flames and the inverted pyramid, where I showed how the club's top players actually lagged behind the depth guys in terms of driving play. 

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Flames: Underpaid and Overpaid Players

Robert Vollman
March 21 2012 11:47AM



Success in the salary cap era is all about getting value for the dollar. The successful teams find bargains while the non-contenders are paying premiums for every goal scored or prevented. As the season winds down, let’s see where the Calgary Flames have value, and where they don’t.

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Five things: You know what they'll say to you

Ryan Lambert
March 21 2012 09:29AM

1. No intensity

Of course, it's not officially official or anything just yet, but that loss to Columbus (in the shootout though it was) following the one to Edmonton has me pretty well convinced.


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