Sunday Open Thread - Round Robin Reflection

Ryan Pike
February 16 2014 11:00AM

Well gang, the first four days of the Olympic men's hockey tournament are (more or less) complete and all 18 round robin games will be in the books likely by the time you're reading this. (If not, go watch the last one!) As we mull over the results and pour over the schedule for the qualification games on Tuesday and the quarterfinal games on Wednesday and conspire to develop sudden illnesses at work just before Canada's next game, let's reflect on the past few days of really good hockey. What really surprised you? Did anybody really impress or disappoint?

Sound off in the comments. My thoughts are after the jump.

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Three On The Bubble

Ryan Pike
February 15 2014 10:24AM


It's the weekend, so I thought I'd mull over something that's been floating around the back of my head over the past few weeks - Flames drafting, and a trio of 2012 picks that need to be signed before June 1. Will they get signed? And why would that happen (or not)?

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Random Thoughts - The Trade Deadline Approacheth

Kent Wilson
February 14 2014 09:40AM


Once the Olympics are over all that's left for the Flames is the trade deadline and then to play out the string. The Buffalo Sabres currently lead the race to the bottom by a near insurmountable margin - they trail the Edmonton Oilers by 9 points and the Flames/Panthers by 13. No one is catching them.

It's a two horse race for draft position in the West between the Alberta squads. Calgary has two games in hand and four more points than the Oilers. Edmonton has had a decent last 10-game stretch recently, going 5-3-2, but it is mostly a mirage - their possession numbers continue to stink and it has only been 40+ save performances from Ben Scrivens delivering them a few "W's" recently.

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News and Notes - February 13 2014

Ryan Pike
February 13 2014 01:40PM

We're headed towards the weekend, which means there's a fair amount of hockey to be discussed. Here's what you need to know for the next few days of action!

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Five things: Last one

Ryan Lambert
February 13 2014 08:40AM


1. Before the break

A few bits of housekeeping here in the final Flames-related Five Thoughts for a few weeks: After this we're on to the Olympics; there are two games on as I type this but Sweden's already pummeling the Czechs and I couldn't care about the Latvian team's fortunes if I had made the roster. And I was one of the last cuts.

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