Please welcome your Calculus Flames

Jean Lefebvre
August 26 2009 10:36PM


Hockey is rarely numerically neat and impeccably precise, and if you need proof just check out Vesa Toskala's goals-against average from a season ago.

Trouble is that in the world of mathematics, two-plus-two always equals four. In the world of hockey, however, two-plus-two sometimes equals the square root of Dennis Maruk, and that's confusing, frustrating and embarrassing for all parties concerned.

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Criteria for buying an NHL team

Ryan Lambert
August 26 2009 01:02PM


With all the craziness yesterday about the NHL formally submitting a bid for the Phoenix Coyotes, I found myself wondering what, exactly qualifies someone to submit a bid for an franchise.

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Go time

August 26 2009 11:02AM

For many folks the last 30 days were an ordinary August like many others. Relaxed summer fun, while we wait for the new season to begin and for Dancing with the Stars to end. But to us August 2009 will stand as our quarter life crisis that caused us to quit our job before it killed our soul in order to focus on hockey blogging.

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A look at the Flames 2009-10 Schedule

Kent Wilson
August 25 2009 09:57AM


I don't know what the Flames have done to the NHL schedule makers, but Calgary is faced with the ugliest itinerary in the league this season. According to Dirk Hoag, the Flames will log 55,331 miles in 09/10 (up from the 52,941 they saw last season). They'll also play in 14 back-to-backs over the course of the season, which, considering the fact that B2B's were to the Flames what garlic is to vampires last year, isn't good news either.

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Iginla: To "C" or not to "C"?

Jean Lefebvre
August 23 2009 10:05AM


First of all, let’s make one point perfectly clear. The captaincy of a hockey club really shouldn’t be that big of a deal anymore.

C-wearing lost much of its non-ceremonial significance when National Hockey League teams started forcing the honour on the team’s superstar (regardless of whether said player had leadership abilities) or pinning the letter on budding franchise players in the hopes they would grow into the role.

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