FGD: Joni Love Hartley

February 27 2014 02:53PM


Just go ahead and let that image sink into your slowly mushed out brainholes.

Do you guys remember the Calgary Flames?!?!?! I know, I know, I tried too, but it's February 27th and the Olympics are over and we have to get through this together.

The good news is, your Flames are back in action tonight against the Los Angeles Kings (of Los Angeles), and that means taking a 2-0 advantage in this season's series up against a team that was as cold as the temperature in Calgary before the Olympic break and a team that is sure to be as cold as the temperature in Calgary on Sunday when we were all obviously outside waiting to get into the bars at 4:30 in the morning like the good hockey lovin' Canadian drunks we all are.

So strap in, Citizens. The road to the June Entry Draft resumes today, and all the Kings horses and all the Kings men....suck.

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Five things: Break is over!

Ryan Lambert
February 27 2014 09:10AM


1. The best laugh you're going to have all week

I really don't know what about this Calgary Sun story is funnier: The headline, the first sentence, or the premise.

Headline: “Calgary Flames still haven't ruled out making playoffs.”

First sentence: “The mountain is steep, but not necessarily insurmountable.”

Premise: “Come on down to the Saddledome because we're only neck deep in this quicksand!”

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Scoring Chance Differentials

Ryan Pike
February 26 2014 10:52AM


Here at FlamesNation, one of the things we do is count scoring chances for each and every Calgary Flames game. One reason is that they can give you a general sense of how a team's playing even more than tools like shots, Fenwick or Corsi can. Those stat treat all shots and shot attempts equally, whether they're a 90 foot lob from the neutral zone or a hard areas chance in the slot.

Scoring chances cut through all that. In theory, they're a really good way of seeing who's driving play for the Calgary Flames, and who's leaking chances like a boat.

Here's how things look for your hometown heroes through 58 games at even-strength.

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News and Notes - February 25 2014

Ryan Pike
February 25 2014 03:00PM

The Flames practiced today after an off-day, and the Abbotsford Heat practiced on the Lower Mainland of BC, so we have a few bits and bites of information as we inch towards Calgary's game with Los Angeles on Thursday night.

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The Weekly Ignition: February 25 2014

Ryan Pike
February 25 2014 08:30AM


There's two weeks left in the major-junior season. Eight days until the NHL trade deadline. About a week or so left in the NCAA season.

We're getting down to brass tacks, gang. Here's your weekly rundown.

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