Around the League - Mar 4, 2010

Jason Gregor
March 04 2010 11:29PM

My apologies for the tardiness of Around The League, but today I had a chance to lace up the skates and play along side my favourite hockey player; Glenn Anderson.

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The beating pulse

Pat Steinberg
March 04 2010 07:13PM

Calgary Flames v Phoenix Coyotes

I get a chance to sit back and chat with Calgary Flames fans after each and every game the Flames play. It's a really enjoyable thing to do — it's a passionate group of fans; they love their team, and they hate to see the team they love play poorly. Which was why Wednesday's 4-0 loss at the hands of the Minnesota Wild was so disappointing.

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The Vesa Toskala trade

Jean Lefebvre
March 04 2010 01:26PM

The peerless Kent Wilson eloquently expressed his thoughts (and, as it turns out, the thoughts of many Flames fans) earlier today on the Steve Staios acquisition.

The capper on that one is that it would not have been beyond belief had the Oilers been the club giving up the third-round draft choice for the privilege of dumping an onerous salary (the same way the Flames packaged a second-round pick with Wayne Primeau in the off-season swap with Toronto). Instead, it's the Flames who coughed up the pick, which explains all the excitement and joy in Edmonton and the grumbling and head-scratching in Calgary.

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The Steve Staios Trade - Horrendous

Kent Wilson
March 04 2010 11:57AM

St. Louis Blues v Edmonton Oilers


Every move that Darryl Sutter has made in his recent whirlwind of desperation has been defensible to one degree or another. Even the Jokinen for Kotalik and Higgins trade, although one has to squint to find the silver lining on that one. The Phaneuf trade shifted money from the back-end to the front, added a couple of capable players and shored up the Flames offensive depth. The Bourque and Stajan signings were at about market value and both will be top 6 contributors to the team going forward.

The Steve Staio acquisition, though, is senseless. It's bad from just about every conceivable angle.

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GDFD No. 63: Oh. Oh Darryl no

Ryan Lambert
March 03 2010 03:55PM

Welcome to the Game Day Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s 63rd game of the season on March 3, 2010.

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