Introducing Mark Cundari and Reto Berra - UPDATE

Kent Wilson
April 02 2013 10:17AM

Blues vs Lightning-7442.jpg

pic via Sarah Connors

Calgary added two more prospects with the Jay Bouwmeester trade yesterday. Like Agostino and Hanowski, neither Reto Berra or Mark Cundari are household names - at least not here in Calgary (Berra may very well be a folk hero in Switzerland). Here's some background on each guy:

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Post Game: Everyone Went To St. Louis

April 02 2013 08:22AM




The Flames, well they phoned it in tonight. Given that they've shed nearly $14 million in salary in the past week and are poised to cast off even more, perhaps it's understandable that the Flames never arrived tonight for their tilt with their provincial rivals up north. The end result is, uh, unflattering, as the Edmonton Oilers coasted to a 4-1 victory over our heroes, and somehow made DEVAN DUBNYK look like a capable goaltender, which we all know in our hearts that he isn't.

Unfortunately for you, and with even less of an excuse for things being the way they are then youer Calgary Flames, we here at Flames Nation are also guilty of phoning it in, as we all fled from FN headquarters to witness the slaughter down at the Tilted Kilt tonight, and I'm the one who drew the short straw to recap a game we all only half paid attention to.

So this should go great.

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Jay Bouwmeester traded to St. Louis

Jonathan Willis
April 01 2013 07:18PM

Photo: Resolute Wikimedia

According to multiple media reports, the Calgary Flames have sent veteran defenceman Jay Bouwmeester to the St. Louis Blues. Coming back is a conditional first round draft pick, as well as prospects Mark Cundari and Reto Berra.

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FGD: One Tin Soldier - The Legend of City Yak

Vintage Flame
April 01 2013 04:10PM


After Shelbyville showed us all that even a broken clock is right twice a day, the Battle of Alberta gamethread is back where it belongs. Oh and if you don’t get the reference in the title? Google is your friend.

Tonight, two teams on completely different roads will cross paths once again, where scoreboard watching will be put aside in favour of compulsory disdain and a sheer desire to lay the boots to one of your oldest rivals. Since 2009, it has been the Flames doing the majority of kicking, leading the head-to-head series 19-4.

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Flames Prospect Update, April 1 2013

Ryan Pike
April 01 2013 12:42PM


Laurent Brossoit

pic via Jenn Kuhn

The playoffs may be an uncertainty for the Calgary Flames, but quite a few of their prospects in major junior and college are in the midst of post-season pushes. Or, in the case of the Abbotsford Heat, they're trying to qualify.

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