Northwest is best (for now)

Jean Lefebvre
October 24 2009 09:00AM

We’re in that tweener stage of a new season.

It’s late enough that the TV-sports dullards have stopped making those “Joe Left-wing is on pace for a 246-goal season” comments but not yet far enough along in the campaign to stop questioning such phenomena as whether a coaching change is really all that was needed for Dustin Penner to release his inner Mario Lemieux.

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The most annoying fans...

Jason Gregor
October 23 2009 11:02AM

I bet the annoying fan is similar to the bad hockey parent: oblivious to their actions. When they hear people complain about the obnoxious fan, they nod their head in approval, meanwhile at the next game they are the dork who has everyone in their section hoping they’ll leave.

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Around the league - Oct 22 2009

Jason Gregor
October 22 2009 08:29AM

This past week Nick Lidstrom became only the 8th defenseman to register 1,000 points. The 53rd pick in the 1989 draft is quietly putting himself in the conversation of greatest defenseman ever.

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Is it 2 much 2 ask?

Jean Lefebvre
October 21 2009 05:24PM

The number-retirement discussion is nothing new at the Saddledome.

Just as a for-instance, there was much ado in September about the fate of Flames sweater No. 14 when the guy who vacated the garment a decade ago briefly came back to try it on for size.

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Looking at the Flames and Blocked Shots

Kent Wilson
October 19 2009 07:10PM

Some pundits in town are pointing to the Flames increased blocked shots numbers as an example of the team's changing commitment to defense under new Skipper Brent Sutter. That's something I've been looking at for more than a year since Keenan explicitly stated that the team made an effort to get out of the way of most shots on net in order to give Kipper a clear view (rather than risk a bad deflection). Given the team's high goals against average and Kiprusoff's ever shrinking save percentage, that struck me as dubious strategy at best.

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