Post-Game: Flames Get Frozen Out By Avs

Ryan Pike
December 06 2013 09:58PM



The Colorado Avalanche came into Calgary smarting after an 8-2 whuppin' up north in Edmonton on Thursday night. The Calgary Flames were riding high after a pair of wins over Los Angeles and Phoenix. With the Flames rested up and riding momentum, you'd expect a simple grind-em-out home win for Calgary.

But you'd probably be wrong. With the Flames missing Joe Colborne (flu) and Brian McGrattan (lower-body) and replacing them with Derek Smith and Lane MacDermid, the Flames were riding a short bench and seemed to play it like a road game. After eking out a lead, the Flames fell by a 3-2 score, despite a pretty decent attempt at a comeback late in the third.

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FGD: Flames Host Roy's Boys

Taylor McKee
December 06 2013 11:52AM



Yikes, I would not have wanted to be in that Avalanche dressing room last night. 

I am guessing things were not to pleasant after the Avs (19-7-0), the Flames opponent tonight, were embarrassed 8-2 by the Edmonton Oilers on Thursday night in Edmonton. Consequently, the Avalanche will likely not be in a great mood tonight when they head to Hoth Calgary to play a Flames team that is on a two-game winning streak. 

For the first time this season, the Flames managed to allow fewer than two goals in two consecutive games. The Flames will need to continue this solid defensive play against an Avs team with a lot of weapons up front.

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The Gaudfather

Kent Wilson
December 05 2013 02:20PM

So about this time last December I arranged something with college hockey site BC Interruption so Flames fans could get their hands on Gaudrey Baker t-shirts. Because at the time, fourth round pick and smallest player ever chosen by the Flames organization, Johnny Gaudreau was tearing up College hockey. 

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Five things: And we're back

Ryan Lambert
December 05 2013 09:48AM

1. The World Junior decision and what it means

So the Flames aren't allowing Sean Monahan to go to World Junior, and it's something about which I am of two minds.

On the one hand it's probably nice for a 19-year-old kid to get a crack at playing in a tournament like that. But moreover I think it gets back to that whole argument of what's best for a player's development; at this point we know what he's going to get in Calgary: 16 minutes a night and power play time.

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Byron Bader
December 04 2013 11:47PM



The Flames returned to the dome after a brief road trip to California that saw them go 1 and 1. They won Saturday against LA in a tight checking affair and came into tonight with high hopes of winning their second straight game, a feat they haven't reached for nearly two months.  

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