Where will they fit?

Pat Steinberg
February 10 2010 11:47PM

Portrait of a Businesswoman attempting to insert Wooden Cubes into Circular Holes

With the news that injured Calgary Flames forwards Rene Bourque, Nigel Dawes and David Moss all took part in an optional skate today at the 'Dome, the question now needs to be asked... where will all these forwards fit on this team?

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GDFD No. 60: Mr. Kotalik Goes to Ottawa

Ryan Lambert
February 09 2010 04:56PM

Welcome to the Game Day Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s 60th game of the season on Feb. 6, 2010.

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Milestone Man

Pat Steinberg
February 08 2010 06:56PM

As Calgary's Jarome Iginla hit the millenium mark in games played over the weekend, the Iginla talk on the FAN 960 has ramped up. So I thought it would be pertinent to look back and bring it all full circle when talking about the man to play all those games with one team.

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February 07 2010 02:12PM

Ah the Superbowl. Even if you don't care for the American Football, it is a day celebrated in most civilized countries in the world where you can eat like the fattest American, drink like the drunkenest rummy and make believe that you have been cheering for the New Orleans Saints the entire season.

Bandwagon jumping is actually acceptable on Superbowl Sunday, as opposed to during NHL playoffs when bandwagon jumpers should be drawn and quartered upon sight.

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Flames v. Lightning Postgame: '04 Rematch

February 07 2010 01:00PM

Calgary Flames: 1 -- Mark Giordano

Tampa Bay Lightning: 2 -- Steven Stamkos, Andrej Meszaros [GWG]


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