Flames Projections: Top-Six

Robert Vollman
October 08 2012 11:39AM



(Just in case there is actually some game action this year, Rob Vollman returns to FlamesNation with some player projections. We start with a look at the Flames top-6)

It was risky enough these past two years to publish scoring projections for each Calgary Flame using purely statistical analysis, but it's an even riskier proposition this year. If we lose the whole season then we'll have no idea how accurate our estimates were, and have even less information on which to base our projections next year. Even if the season starts late and they play fewer games, the luck inherent in the shorter season/smaller sample size could make our projections way off.

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The Best of the Nation – 10.7.12

Jonathan Willis
October 07 2012 09:13AM

After the jump: why the 2012-13 season won't be cancelled, looking at the possibility of replacement players, trying to identify players that raise their game in the post-season, and a lot more.

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Fn Weekend Open Thread - FN PS3 NHL13 League is Go!

Kent Wilson
October 06 2012 01:22PM



So there was enough interest in a PS# GM Connected league around here that I went out and bought the game and set it up (thanks my readers for that EA Sports).

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What's Up, Duck?

October 06 2012 10:39AM

I wanted to take a look at some teams that are facing a crossroads of sorts but that usually fall by the wayside or operate shrouded under popular perception. To that end this series is focused on taking a look at some of the out-of-the-way NHL franchises that don’t get much attention here on the Nations. So we’ll start with the Leafs…

Just kidding.

The first organization I wanted to look at is one that I’ve mentioned a few times in discussions here at the Nations and one that has had some peculiar happenings these past few seasons. The Anaheim Ducks.

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Bancks Brings Heart to the Heat

Kent Wilson
October 05 2012 01:22PM



(This article was originally published by FN reader Josh Schroeder at Cane Cast )

By: Josh Schroeder

There are two paths to becoming a revered alumnus of a junior hockey club. The first is that of the superstar, vaulting quickly to the pro ranks, putting your junior team in the spotlight during draft previews and prospect forecasts. The second requires four years of dedication, winning the hearts of the hometown fans with your on-ice sacrifice and community involvement.

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