Good-Bye Jarome

Kent Wilson
March 29 2013 11:11AM



It's kind of fitting that the end of the Jarome era in Calgary comes with the Flames awash in failure and uncertainty, because that's how his time began with the team as well. When Jarome made his debut as a fresh faced 19-year old rookie in the 1996 playoffs, little did he know it would take another eight years for the club to make the post-season again.

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Introducing Ben Hanowski and Ken Agostino

Kent Wilson
March 28 2013 03:51PM



As the dust settles on the Iginla frenzy, Flames fans are left with a hole in their collective hearts and a glimmer of new hope in the form of Ben Hanowski, Ken Agostino and a fresh first round pick.

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Is Jay Bouwmeester next?

Kent Wilson
March 28 2013 02:13PM



Blackhawks vs Calgary Flames 12/5/10



pic via Cheryl Adams


 Hot on the heels of the Iginla trade is news that Jay Bouwmeester has also been approached by Flames management about a potential deal. As reported by Roger Millions:

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Five things: How much wronger could things go?

Ryan Lambert
March 28 2013 11:31AM

1. Iginlawatch reaches its logically insane conclusion

The clock was still ticking (as of this writing, anyhow) on the looming Jarome Iginla trade that seemed to have grown inevitable even as everyone is still sitting around looking for reasons that it won't happen. And then it really, finally, actually happened, and I had to go back and change everything.

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Iggy Moments

Kent Wilson
March 28 2013 09:15AM

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