Post-Game: Duck Dynasty

Taylor McKee
November 29 2013 04:57PM


January 19th, 2004, a simpler time. The jerseys, baggy. The goaltenders, bloated. The Flames, loveable. A time when men were men and most of the Edmonton Oilers were teething. This was the date of the last Flames victory in Anaheim.
18-straight games. Some of those were close games with dramatic late-game heartbreaks. Some games, the Flames deserved better but couldn’t beat a hot goalie, or hit too many posts, or were the victim of the hockey gods.

This was not one of those games.

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FGD: Looking for a Deal in Disneyland

Ryan Pike
November 29 2013 10:33AM

The day after American Thanksgiving is best known as Black Friday, a day where bargain-hunters wake up early to hunt for deals. The Calgary Flames (8-12-4) are no different, as they're up early in Orange County for a 2pm MT matinee date with the Anaheim Ducks (17-7-3), and it's not even the earliest hockey game of the day. It's on Sportsnet's various media properties. The Flames' bad record in the Honda Center is the stuff of legend, as they haven't won in 17 visits to Anaheim. The last visit preceded their run to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2004.

Moreover, the Flames are suddenly mired in a streak of bad luck, both on the ice and off. Blown leads, bad starts and a rash of injuries have left Calgary reeling. A win in Anaheim would go a long way towards keeping morale on an upward tick.

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November 28 2013 11:53AM


Per usual we were asleep at the switch and didn't realize that November 17 marked the 6th birthday of the Nation Network. We can only imagine that this is foreshadowing to days where we will forget our wife's birthday and most of our children's names and birthdays as well. Sorry whomever you may be, we have a lot going on in this brain of ours* and sometimes things slip through the cracks.

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Flames Hurting: Three to IR, Two Recalled

Ryan Pike
November 28 2013 11:40AM

The Calgary Flames may officially be in injury trouble, as the team made a lot of moves related to injuries in the last 24 hours.

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Five things: Have I got a stat for you

Ryan Lambert
November 28 2013 09:18AM

1. The Backlund situation

So word on the street is that the Flames are actively shopping Mikael Backlund for reasons that outright defy explanation. Sure, they're not just taking any old bodies you want to give up for him, as Carolina reportedly found to its dismay, but this is taking the sell-off of parts to an illogical extreme.

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