2012-13 Reasonable Expectations: Sven Baertschi

Kent Wilson
August 07 2012 10:09AM



It's been a long time since the Flames had a forward prospect enter the season with this much hype. Calgary hasn't had a kid up front jump directly to the bigs from junior since Jarome Iginla did it in 1996-97.

Sven Baertschi hasn't made the big roster yet, but after scoring two points-per-game in the WHL and managing three goals in five outing during his cup of coffee in the show, all arrows point to the 19-year old skipping his apprenticeship in the AHL and donning the Flaming "C" right away.

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Latest at the Hockey Writers: a look at the Heat's roster

Ryan Pike
August 07 2012 06:41AM



Last season, the Calgary Flames went into training camp with the majority of their roster spots spoken for. But between a laundry list of injuries and some under-performance by established players, the parent club of the American Hockey League’s Abbotsford Heat went to the farm for players very, very often.

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Random Thoughts - The Irving Compromise

Kent Wilson
August 06 2012 11:47AM



I spent a lot of time in airports and on airplanes during my jaunt to and from the East Coast over the past two weeks, so I have had a lot of time on my hands to ruminate on a few things. I took an Ipad on the trip which is why my comments cropped up from time to time here - it's a great omnitool for traveling, but is somewhat limiting when it comes to writing anything longer than a few sentences.

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Nation Radio - August 4, 2012

August 05 2012 12:39PM

It's the August long weekend! Hockey may be on the back-burner for many, but that doesn't mean that Nation Radio is hurting for things to discuss. Host Allan Mitchell talks about the Oilers with Jason Gregor, the Canucks with Thomas Drance, the NHL in general with Eric T., the AHL with Jim Byers and the WHL with Guy Flaming, with a little soccer talk with Scott Francis Winder in acknowledgement of the fact that when the thermometer is pushing 30 degrees all the talk can't be about hockey.

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FN Weekend Open Thread - Grade the Flames Offseason

Kent Wilson
August 05 2012 07:49AM


I'm finally back from my Eastern sojourn and with me returns the FN Weekend open thread.

With Leland Irving finally back in the fold, it looks like the Flames are done for the summer of 2012. They may yet try to trade a Babchuk or Stajan contract (good luck with that), but otherwise the training camp rosters are in place.

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