Look at all those forwards!

Pat Steinberg
March 02 2010 06:48PM

Space was at a premium at Flames practice this morning, as the Calgary Flames had their first practice with their three Olympians back in the city. After a two-week break, the Flames are healthy, which means a ton of bodies on the ice and only 20 slots open against Minnesota on Wednesday.

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Do trades at the deadline actually help?

Jason Gregor
March 02 2010 01:30PM

How many of the trades leading up to the deadline actually help a team? Here’s a recap of what happened last year leading up to the trade deadline.

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The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook

Ryan Lambert
March 02 2010 10:28AM

Assume for a second that Darryl Sutter is done with major transactions before the deadline, that he's looked at the team as it's currently constituted and said, "I can't make this team any better without mortgaging a significant part of the future." It would certainly be understandable.

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This is my brother Bronze, and my other brother Bronze

Pat Steinberg
March 02 2010 09:33AM

Olympic News - February 28, 2010

So 17 days of podium owning and nationwide togetherness (or whatever) has come to an end, and all eyes return to the NHL. After an epic Olympic hockey tournament, three members of the Calgary Flames return to the city with hardware... a certain golden captain and his two bronzed Scandinavian teammates.

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Flames Trade Deadline Roundtable

Kent Wilson
March 01 2010 09:12PM

The Flames general ineptitude in the new year caused Darryl Sutter to pre-empt the March deadline and make the bulk of his moves a month ago. As such, Wednesday holds about as much intrigue and anticipation as a second honeymoon for Flames fans.

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