Pyrrhic Victories

March 22 2013 09:14AM



An interesting debate I've been watching over Twitter among Flames fans recently: "Is it okay to cheer for short term failure on your own team?"

There seem to be more and more fans who want the Flames to experience repeated losses and blowouts in order to get a change of management and finally make some seemingly necessary moves. On the other hand, there's a lot of fans who are more than happy to keep cheering on the team to wins, despite the fact that the Flames are clearly not doing well on the whole and probably aren't going to contend for anything in the short-term.

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POST-GAME: ♫ "What Can I Say?" ♫

Vintage Flame
March 21 2013 09:51PM


When it's crunch time, when you need to have that win. When you are going against a team that you've recently dominated to get that win, then the formula should be fairly elementary to achive that goal, right?

Tonight your Calgary Flames went into Nashville with the peace of mind knowing that they can beat the Predators, but with the uncertainty of whether they could do it on the road.

Instead of following the game plan that got them the win a week earlier, they left it out in the open for the Preds to study and use against them. And use it they did.

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FGD: On the Road in Nashville

Ryan Pike
March 21 2013 01:00PM



For the twelfth time this season, the Calgary Flames are entering a game with a record just below .500 and hope to get back to even with a win. Thus far this season, their 11 previous attempts have resulted in a 6-4-1 record, which would be great if they managed to win more when entering a game with a .500 record.

Now, in the midst of an extended win-one, lose-one stretch, the Flames really need a win and really need to get back from .500. Stop me if you've heard this one before.

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Five things: Where is Iginla going?

Ryan Lambert
March 21 2013 10:02AM



Germane to the conversation last week about the possibility of the Flames dealing a number of their more tradeable assets from last week's 5T is that in the seven days since that was published there sure is starting to be a lot more of that "Iginla's definitely getting traded" talk kicking around. That includes very legitimate speculation about where he could go and even disquieted, somewhat-annoyed quotes from the man himself yesterday.

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The Worst Draft Picks In Flames History: An Airing Of Grievances Part 1 (sadly)

March 20 2013 02:37PM




You may recall our ten part series showcasing the Flames best ever draft picks (Mister Number One Theoren Fleury even read the one dedicated to him), and you might have sat back in your chair and fondly recalled the triumphs and milestones achieved by one time Flames greats. You may have felt a chill run down your spine while recalling an Al MacInnis slap shot, or welled up with pride envisioning Gary Roberts charge down his wing, or gotten lost forever in the beautifully deep eyes of Hakan Loob.

It was good times.

Today, we're heading in a different direction. This is going to be gut wrenching, but given the current turmoil of today's Calgary Flames, we present the Yang to the Top Ten Draft Picks' Yin, a snapshot of some of the worst draft picks to ever throw on a Flaming C or Horse Head Jersey (if they ever did at all). It's a gutwrenching but thoughtful reminder that, hey, it can always get worse.

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