FGD: A BoA Preview Before the Storm

Kent Wilson
January 26 2013 12:31PM



As regular readers may or may not remember, Flamesnation and OilersNation have a running bet whereby the site of which ever team won the previous game of the Battle of Alberta gets to write the next gamethread for both sites - an opportunity that has resulted in a lot of name calling and mudslinging for both sides.

The scummy Oil won the last meeting, so this afternoon Wanye will share with us his no doubt gracious and eloquent views on the city of Calgary and the Flames (see below). Make sure to stop by and argue with the howling ON mobs in the comment section.

However, since the topic of lines and combinations is of primary interest around here heading into the game I figured it would be a good idea to do a Flames-centric preview first.

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January 26 2013 12:11PM

We have a little tradition here at the Nation Network. They who win the Battle of Alberta writes the next GDB on both sites. So buckle up Flames Fans because you are going to get it and we are going to give it to you.

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Cheer Up Sven!

January 25 2013 04:16PM

Hi Sven, you seem sad? Are you sad?

I mean sure, there's this:


Which isn't cool seeing as apparently this was going to happen:



And that's gotta sting. And maybe you're also bummed that you might be going to Abbotsford soon, but Sven, you've got a lot to smile about, and I want to tell you all about it, so take a knee and listen up, okay?

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The Short Term Future of Sven Baertschi

Kent Wilson
January 25 2013 12:10PM



Word from practice today is that Sven Baertschi is likely to play on the 4th on Satruday, if he makes the active roster at all. The insertion of Jiri Hudler and Roman Cervenka into the mix has meant a logjam of sorts in the top-nine and right now the rookie seems the most natural choice to move down.

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Flames Weekend Guide, January 25 2013

Ryan Pike
January 25 2013 11:08AM



There's a whole lotta hockey going on, folks. For your reading pleasure, here's a rundown of what's what.


The Calgary Flames (0-2-1) renew acquaintances with their neighbours to the north, the dastardly Edmonton Oilers (2-1-0), on Saturday night as part of Hockey Night in Canada. The Flames represent all that is good and true with the world, while the Oilers are smelly and aren't that good at the hockey. Want proof? This will be the 211th meeting between these two hockey clubs, and the hockey team from Calgary is 104-84-22 overall.

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