First Round Targets: Ryan Murphy

Kent Wilson
June 18 2011 11:44AM

I am mostly convinced the Flames should expend their first round pick on a forward this year. The forwards corps of this org are rather dismal outside of one or two bright spots, and even those guys aren't guaranteed to be impact guys in the NHL. In fact, I'd say you can count the number of forwards who project to be consistent top-6 producers on no hands, if you catch my drift.

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Pat Steinberg
June 17 2011 03:19PM

Unfortunately, Rebecca Black decided to take her video off YouTube, so my Friday is effectively ruined.  That said, it's a busy Friday surrounding the Calgary Flames, as they've filled out their coaching vacancies and they've also got some good and bad news from Hockey Canada.  With FlamesNation getting ready to head to the draft next week, a busy summer is just getting started.

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Flames at the Draft: Is a move out there?

Robert Cleave
June 17 2011 01:08PM



Our indefatigble leader asked his vast array of Tweeps earlier today if there was a draft subject that might be of interest as we head into the last week before the annual cattle auction, and it appears people are wondering what it would take for the Flames to add another first rounder or move up the order from 13th. It's a decent question, and with the rather unsettled nature of this year's draft, the possibility exists that a few teams might be willing to swap a pick if the right circumstances arose.

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Let the Buy-outs Commence!

Kent Wilson
June 17 2011 08:10AM



Now that the cup has been awarded and Vancouver has been razed to the ground, the NHL off-season can begin in earnest. First-up: the buy-out period, where gluttonous NHL general managers can buy some indulgences from the league for their past indiscretions. Glen Sather was the first guy reported to be readying a buyout for the ill-fated Drury contract, although the word out now is he can't (ha-ha!).

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RFA and UFA Roundup

Pat Steinberg
June 16 2011 05:43PM

Before we start profilining the larger name pending free agents on the Calgary Flames, it's important to go through the rest of the organization to look at players that will be in search of new contracts come July 1st.  Seven potential unrestricted free agents still remain on the main roster along with one restricted free agent, but here we'll profile the ten pending free agent players further down the depth chart.

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