POST GAME: Serious JuJu

Vintage Flame
February 03 2013 01:24AM



So here we go again.

Tonight the Flames were facing a team playing in their third game in four nights, and their back-up in net. Granted the Chicago Blackhawks are a far superior opponent than the Avalanche were, afterall, they are still one of the few to lose in regulation. However, they were coming off back to back shoot-out losses and the goal for Calgary was still the same; dominate a weary opponent, bide your time and capitalize on mistakes without giving up any.

Easy right?

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FGD: Into the Fire

Kent Wilson
February 02 2013 02:51PM

A lot of consternation in Flamesland after the 6-3 loss to the Avs on Thursday, but from my angle the team has exceeded expectations from many angles through the early going. The results aren't there and the goaltending has been *ahem* questionable, but the club has made a habit of outchancing and outshooting their opponents so far. With a few different bounces and an NHL-average Kipper, the Flames have a much better set of W-L numbers heading into tonight.

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Flames Weekend Guide, February 1 2013

Ryan Pike
February 01 2013 01:44PM



Once more, there is all kinds of hockey going on. Junior and European teams jockey for playoff spots, while professional teams are still just trying to find their legs.


The Flames get back into the saddle on Saturday night, when they face the Chicago Blackhawks. The team will be trying to get back into the win column after Thursday's disappointing result. Chicago has yet to lose in regulation.

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Flames All Time Top 10 Draft Picks – #3 Al MacInnis

Vintage Flame
February 01 2013 09:18AM



We previously took a look at Gary Suter as one of the Flames best draft picks of all time. Now it’s time to focus on the other half of the dynamic duo.

In an interview, Patrick Roy was once asked if there was any one player in the NHL that he ever dreaded fac… Before the question could be answered, Roy exclaimed, “Al MacInnis!”

Before any discussion even begins about ol’ “Chopper”, the conversation always starts with one thing and one thing only… So let’s begin there!

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POST GAME: Buried Alive

Vintage Flame
February 01 2013 12:24AM



So where do we begin with this tonight?

Justin mentioned at the top of the FGD, that the Flames 1-2-1 didn't look too fancy. Well then what does a 1-3-1 record look like?

"Tonight, Calgary will welcome the Colorado Avalanche to the 'Dome. The Avs are on the second game of a back-to-back (losing 3-0 last night to Vancouver in the rainy city), and are currently sporting a depleted roster - meaning that tonight is a great opportunity for the Flames to pick up two points."

Did we mention that the Av's were going to go this one without Ryan O'Reilly, Gabriel Landeskog, Steve Downie, and... uhh.. Oh yeah! Their backup in net!

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