The Flames top-10 Darryl Sutter Draft Picks

Kent Wilson
October 03 2012 02:40PM



Jay Feaster has only been at the wheel for two summers, so it's currently impossible to really judge his regime's work in this area (although there are some good early returns). Sutter, on the other hand, took over in 2003 and was the guiding hand through eight Flames drafts all the way up until 2010. That span of time featured a lot of trades, not a lot of second rounders and 59 picks by the organization in total.

The collection of players yielded from Sutter's efforts was, uh, underwhelming to say the least. However, there were a few diamonds (or, at least, nuggets of copper) unearthed over that period.

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FlamesNation NHL 13 Hockey League Update Spectacular

October 03 2012 11:37AM



Hello Hockey Fans!

So many of you by now are probably fully aware that our FlamesNation GM Connected League on NHL 13 for Xbox is a go. Pride is on the line, as well as my respect, and I don't need to tell you that neither of those things mean anything worthwhile, but go out there and play like it does.

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Flames News Round-Up, October 3 2012

Ryan Pike
October 03 2012 08:15AM



The NHL is still on lockout, but our lives aren't quite as empty as they could be. No, friends, because there are still Flames-related items to discuss. So, in-between sobbing openly about cancelled games and catching up on Breaking Bad or the Wire, check out this quick rundown of how players are doing.

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Two minutes with Flames prospect Pat Sieloff

Cam Charron
October 02 2012 11:40AM


Pat Sieloff was selected in the 2nd round of the 2012 NHL Draft, No. 42 overall, by the Calgary Flames. Over the summer, he shrugged off a commitment from the University of Miami at Ohio to join the Windsor Spitfires of the Ontario Hockey League. I caught up with him before his team loaded the bus shipping out of Mississauga on Friday night after a 3-2 shootout loss to the Steelheads...

Cam Charron: There's been a lot of talk over the summer of player's moving from the NCAA to play in the CHL. What was the main thing that spurred your decision to move to the OHL?

Pat Sieloff: I think they play more of an NHL-type game, and the schedule looks more like an NHL schedule. You're not, it's not like a 40-game season instead of a 68-game season or 70-game season, you know, that's one thing that triggered it. Also, my offensive game isn't the best, so I kind of wanted to get better here since it's a pretty good offensive league.

Were the Flames in any way responsible for the move at all, or did they talk to you over the course of the summer about it?

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Two Minutes Hate! The Esa Tikkanen Edition

October 02 2012 08:48AM


Esa Tikkanen, I don’t know man. Somewhere, in the deepest recesses of my gut, probably located somewhere in my small intestine, I had the slightest notion that maybe this guy didn’t deserve the scorn. He was a bit player on a juggernaut, and what could ever compel anyone to hate someone so insignificant?

And then it dawned on me that that feeling, way down there in those deep recesses of my gut, probably located somewhere in my small intestine, was not a notion at all, and in truth was Esa Tikkanen’s stick, slashing me so hard that that’s where the blade ended up.

So yeah, it’s on.

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