Lost Russians: Calgary Flames

Kent Wilson
October 01 2011 04:08PM


Editors note: Andrey Osadchenko is the senior Russian Correspondent at the Nations Network. He writes regularly in Russian at allhockey.ru, and has a series of web videos called "Joining the Rush" with Steve Dangle. Today Andrey catches up with some of the former Russian-born draft picks of the Flames organization. The piece underscores why drafting Russian-born players has gone somewhat out of style; simply put, it's a risky proposition.

By: Andrey Osadchenko

The Flames are the first organization that successfully signed a Russian player – his name was Sergei Priakhin. He played just 46 games in the NHL and scored 3 goals but nevertheless has written himself in hockey history. Other than him, the Flames hardly can brag about big Russian players in their own history. Andrei Trefilov, German Titov and Oleg Saprykin are the only names that come to mind (and, of course, Sergei Makarov - ed.).

They haven’t even drafted any of Priakhin’s compatriots since 2002 and currently have none of the ruskies in their system. However, at the beginning of the century the Flames were quite fond of drafting players from the Motherland. Were there any good picks? Let’s find out.

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Saturday Morning Shadenfreude - Tim Erixon Gets Cut

Kent Wilson
October 01 2011 09:28AM



Vicki Hall has the deliciously ironic news on Flames Insider this morning - the New York Rangers have demoted Tim Erixon.

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11/12 NW Preview: Minnesota

Robert Cleave
September 30 2011 02:32PM



As the season nears, Flames Nation begins its look ahead to the competition, such as it is, that the Flames will face in the Northwest Division. First up, the Minnesota Wild.

10/11 finish: 86 points, 3rd in the NW, 12th in the Conference

Playoffs: none since 07/08

Key Players: Koivu, Heatley, Bouchard, Setoguchi, Latendresse, Clutterbuck, Backstrom

Additions: Heatley, Setoguchi, Brunette

Subtractions: Burns, Havlat

Cap Position: 9.4M under the number

Projected finish: between 9th and 13th in the Conference

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Flames Cut Byron and Bouma

Kent Wilson
September 30 2011 09:28AM



Calgary has re-assigned Paul Byron and Lance Bourma to the Abbotsford Heat today. Roman Horak, Derek Smith and Jordan Henry are therefore one step closer to making the big club.

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Flames 2011-2012 Goats and Stars

Kent Wilson
September 30 2011 08:58AM



With the unpleasant memories of last season finally fading and new hope springing up in their place, it's time to start publishing our predictions and previews. We'll begin by reviving an old Nations tradition - picking goats and stars for the upcoming year. Who do you think we'll become your fan favorite - his every play idolized, his every mistake forgiven? Alternatively, who will you curse every time he hits the ice?

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