On the Loose

Robert Cleave
June 27 2011 10:11PM




This afternoon was the deadline to qualify NHL RFAs, and a few names of note were advised by their teams that they would be set free. I'm going to look at three players in particular, with consideration given to their merits as players and whether it behooves the Flames to examine the possibility of signing them.

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The 2011 NHl Entry Draft - A Travellers Notes

Kent Wilson
June 27 2011 03:59PM



(While I usually restrict my writing to objective analysis and editorials aimed at hockey ops, this post is a thorough and detailed recounting of my time at the NHL entry draft this past weekend. It's is therefore very long. Fair warning.)

My trek to the 2011 NHL entry draft began on Thursday afternoon. Mindful of the time consuming architecture of security measures erected in the wake of September 11, I got to the airport some two hours early so I could be poked, prodded, un-belted, de-shoed and properly papered in order to board the plane on time.

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Flames Say Good-bye to Pelech, Armstrong

Kent Wilson
June 27 2011 03:32PM



Today was the deadline for tendering qualifying offers for RFA's. As reported by Vicki Hall on twitter, the Flames did not qualify a whole heap of their standing restricted free agents, including former first round pick Matt Pelech as well as Gord Baldwin, John Armstrong and Josh Meyers.  

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The case for Niclas Bergfors

Cam Charron
June 27 2011 02:40PM

If you're like me, you might have gone and looked through the list of forwards at Behind The Net to find a few of the guys who performed well with good Corsi and Fenwick numbers but did not produce much due to low shooting percentages. One of the names among the many that pops up is that of Niclas Bergfors.

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Picture This...

Pat Steinberg
June 27 2011 01:24AM

With the 2011 NHL Entry Draft all wrapped up in St. Paul and Minneapolis, I thought I'd finish up the task of trying to make FlamesNation followers back in Calgary a little more a part of the action.  This years draft was very significant for the Calgary Flames, among a number of other NHL teams, as player movement became part of the norm throughout the weekend.  With Kent Wilson, Robert Cleave and I all there, we got a ton of things covered and I managed to snap a few G rated pics along the way.

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