The New Jets: Team Overview

Robert Cleave
June 05 2011 08:08PM



(Robert is a Winnipeg resident and a Jets fan in a past life. He will be covering the as-of-yet-unnamed club for us going forward, particularly when Jets Nation inevitably springs to life. This post is the first in a series looking at the erstwhile Thrashers to see what the seventh Canadian team was like last year)

Lost in all the hoopla surrounding the relocation of a NHL team to my town is that at some point this fall, they actually have to play hockey against other teams, and that the Thrashers weren't anything particularly special at that activity last year. In the first of a series of articles, I'll examine the the team's performance in the collective. 

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Flamesnation Draft Prep

Kent Wilson
June 04 2011 10:07AM



I guess it's about time to put the Tim Erixon unpleasantness behind us and start concentrating on better things. As you all may or may not know, Pat Steinberg, Robert Cleave and I will be attending the draft in St. Paul Minnesota in just about three weeks time. There will be pictures, interviews and radio shows starting the 23, but until then there's still a lot of ground to cover.

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Calgary: The New Edmonton

Ryan Lambert
June 02 2011 02:41PM



Remember all those fun times you had? Making fun of the Oilers has been really and truly great since their Cup run ended hilariously in a Game 7 loss to Carolina.

Flames fans shouldn't be laughing any more, because their beloved team is the one to avoid like the plague.

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Flames To Hire Craig Hartsburg

Kent Wilson
June 02 2011 09:51AM



This may have slid by without notice in the wake of the Erixon stuff, but Bob McKenzie noted today that the Flames are going to announce the hiring of Craig Hartsburg as an associate coach at some point in the near future.

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Assigning Blame

Pat Steinberg
June 02 2011 01:33AM

Most of Wednesday's reaction to Calgary's trade of Tim Erixon to New York was emotional and, well, negative.  Understandably at that.  The Flames lost their best prospect and a guy that could have given them some important roster flexibility heading into the coming season, which sucks, plain and simple.  I come away from the day frustrated at the situation, but unable to paint the organization with a fail coloured brush...which may be the most annoying thing of all.

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