Nations Trade Deadline Live Chat

Kent Wilson
February 27 2012 10:04AM

Stop by at noon (or earlier) and talk about what's happened (or not) and any rumors that have cropped up. WILL CORY SARICH GET TRADED TODAY? Find out soon!

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Black Box: Week 21

Robert Vollman
February 27 2012 09:18AM



“Another random boring Vollman article. Stats add a bit of colour but cannot replace good hockey sense and ignore important subjective elements like heart and leadership. Put that in your pocket protector!” - Vollman's #1 fan Kenta

A tough 3-loss week for the Flames drags their post-season potential back down to the 27-32% range into the close race for 8th with Dallas, Los Angeles and Colorado.  Their only regulation loss of February was at the hands of the 29th place Edmonton Oilers – who actually have a better goal differential than the Flames!

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NHLNumbers Podcast Episode 5: Trade Deadline Edition

NHLnumbers Podcast
February 26 2012 10:18PM



For this special edition of the NHLNumbers podcast, Jonathan Willis, Rob Vollman, Justin Azevedo and myself (Kent Wilson) came together to talk all things trade deadline.

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Flames Deadline Primer 2012

Kent Wilson
February 26 2012 07:47PM



With the Flames dropping a few games in a row and falling to 11th in the West but still within striking distance of a playoff spot, it's hard to guess what will happen tomorrow. And judging from the conflicting messages Jay Feaster has sent the last few days, Calgary's management isn't too sure either.

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Nation Radio - February 25, 2012

February 26 2012 11:00AM



It was trade deadline eve, eve this Saturday and all of hockey fans thoughts turned to rumors and speculation. Monday will likely turn out to be slightly less interesting for Oilers faithful now that Hemsky has signed, but that doesn't mean they and some of the other Nations teams won't be making a move or two. This week, Allan investigates what the Jets, Flames, Leafs and Canucks are thinking heading into the frenzy.

This is Nation Radio

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