FGD: Drinking in LA

Kent Wilson
March 09 2013 03:17PM

After last night's unfortunate loss to the Ducks (16 straight in Anaheim!), the Flames find themselves having to beat the league's best overall team on the second night of a B2B (in the Kings home barn, on less) in order to stay in the hunt for the final playoff spot. Yeesh.

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POST-GAME: Duck... Duck... Goosed!

Vintage Flame
March 09 2013 12:00AM


There were no travel delays involving the Flames game today, although given that Calgary was only 1 for 25 and 0 for their last 15 trips down to Anaheim... they maybe should have been hoping for one, or two.

Calgary began their Californication putting their newly earned above .500 record on the line in probably the most hostile of arenas they could visit. To their credit, they didn't play like they hadn't won there since 2004, or that they were playing against a team that was thirteen points ahead of them in the Western Conference. Well, not at first anyways.

Alas, on a night where the NHL saw the Blackhawks streak come to an end, we all got to enjoy another, not so proud one, continue...

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FGD: On Frozen Pond

Ryan Pike
March 08 2013 11:26AM



Unlike most people, your Calgary Flames really hate going to Disneyland.

While other people go to Disneyland, ride Space Mountain and fill themselves up with cotton candy and childhood whimsy, all the Flames do in Anaheim is lose. The last time the Calgary Flames won a hockey game in Anaheim was January 19, 2004. That was before the last two NHL lockouts.

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Hitting, Shot Differentials and Variance

Kent Wilson
March 07 2013 01:10PM

A couple of things running through my head between Flames games today. The first topic has to do with hitting and winning versus shooting and winning. The second topic is on how advanced analysis in hockey is gaining prominence (but is still obviously misunderstood).

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Five things: Look who's back

Ryan Lambert
March 07 2013 08:40AM

1. So Kiprusoff is back

Miikka Kiprusoff returned to the Flames crease last night and somehow this was treated as some sort of cool and great news. Finally, the team had its starting goaltender of the last nine seasons back and everything was going to be fine.

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