Flames Wrap-Up 2013 Season: Hartley and Feaster Quotes

Ryan Pike
April 29 2013 05:49PM



On Sunday and Monday, the Calgary Flames held court for the media in the final two formal days of media availability of the 2013 hockey season. Most notably, head coach Bob Hartley spoke last on Sunday, while general manager Jay Feaster held an availability earlier today.

Here's the gist of what those guys spoke about:

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April 29 2013 04:03PM

Have you received positive reviews at work lately? Perhaps a supervisor or boss commended you for "excellent use of time around the office" or a "focus on efficiency?" Well throw that attitude out the window friends. It's time to waste some time during the playoffs. Some serious time. I'm talkin' bout StreakCred - the Nation Network Playoff Game.

Curious? Of course you are. Who wants to climb the corporate ladder anyway? AMIRITE?*

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FlamesNation 2013 Year-end Awards

Kent Wilson
April 29 2013 08:03AM


Matt Stajan

pick via Terry Dobbins

The Nation has decided to hand out (virtual) year-end hardware for each team across the network this season, and for every season moving forward. We'll share our votes and thoughts on the team's various MVP's and will open up voting for the readers to boot.

It was a rough season in Calgary, but that doesn't mean things were bad across the board. Here's who we deserved some recogination despite the lack of success...

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Garbage Bag Day Blog and Open Thread

Ryan Pike
April 28 2013 10:44AM



Sunday is the official end of the 2013 season for your Calgary Flames. Players undergo end-of-season medicals and meet with the coaching staff, then visit with the assembled local media before heading off to the off-season.

I'll be down at the 'Dome all day and will be updating this throughout the day with the aim of proving a glimpse behind the curtain of what's traditionally a long, long day for hockey media. I hope it's an interesting read.

And, heck, why not make a day out of it, right?

Feel free to ask questions and otherwise go about your business. Click past the jump for the updates


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Flames Finish 25th...

Kent Wilson
April 27 2013 08:47PM



...And are in line to draft 6th overall in the draft, absent an lottery enduced changes. Calgary has an 6.2% chance to win the lottery and pick first overall. It's also possible someone back in the order wins the thing, which would bump the Flames to 7th.

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