May 25 2011 12:03PM

For three consecutive rounds we have called for the Canucks to lose their serieses. For three consecutive rounds we have been disappointed. We have now upped the ante and had a buddy in Vegas place a cool $10 beans on every team in the Conference Finals to win save the Canucks. Money talks Nation and our money says "anyone but Vancouver."

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Don't Worry...

Pat Steinberg
May 24 2011 11:59PM

I feel like a cheerful distraction is needed on a day like today, after witnessing a travesty of justice transpire in Vancouver last night.  Somehow, God or Buddha or whoever controls things decided to take holidays this playoffs, and the Canucks are in the Stanley Cup Finals.  So while the high, unkempt, hemp wearing population of Vancouver celebrates, the rest of the hockey watching population will try to drown their sorrows.  Alas! FlamesNation to the rescue...a post full of things guaranteed to put a smile on your face, even in these dark, dark days.

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Contrarian Corner: Who cares about the Thrashers?

Ryan Lambert
May 24 2011 02:28PM



So it's starting to look officially official, even if everyone's denying it up and down: the Thrashers are almost certainly going to move to Winnipeg and become the Manitoba Moose and some perverted Canadian fantasy about how the American South is unfit to host teams will be proven right.

But it's not a big deal, and anyone who tells you otherwise is an idiot.

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Rene Bourque's Fall From Grace

Kent Wilson
May 24 2011 11:31AM



One of the most confusing (and distressing) aspects of this past was the giant step back taken by Rene Bourque. I was a pretty big supporter of Bourque prior to his signing his big deal, but my view of him dimmed greatly after his performance this year. There's no question he was placed in less than ideal circumstances by Brent Sutter, but the fall-off was too great to be explained by level of competition alone, particularly since Bourque has faced top-six type competition since arriving in Calgary.

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The Glencross contract: Comparables

Robert Cleave
May 24 2011 01:01AM



Curtis Glencross' recent deal has been met, in large part, with acceptance amongst the fan base, NMC notwithstanding. The Provost native has been a consistent presence in the Flames' top nine since his arrival from Shelbyville in the summer of 2008, regularly outshooting and outscoring his competition along the way.

His new deal more than doubles his past ticket to a cap average of 2.55M per season through 2015, a figure that did get me wondering if there were any players that seemed to match Glencross' role and salary in the wider world, and if their contract year performance was analogous to what we've witnessed from number 20 this past year.

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