VOICE OF THE NATION - The Wizard of "IF"

Vintage Flame
January 17 2013 10:48AM



Well it’s finally October January, and we are just about ready for the start of the 2012- 2013 NHL hockey season.

Depending on your level of contempt for the league (the players or some combination of the two) you might be ready as a fan to take a look at this year’s edition of the Calgary Flames and decide where you stand on what truly matters: the hockey. How will this year’s band of brothers fair on the icy battlefield? Are you looking back in anger? Looking forward with optimism? Or are you stuck somewhere in the middle just shaking your damn head - not really sure about how to feel about any notion of direction?

Over the past week, as Flames fans, we have seen the numbers from various sources. Let’s face it folks, the “odds” don’t look all that great, do they?

Does that mean we should just throw in the towel now? We’ve seen Kent break down the two ways this season could go for Calgary. We’ve seen Lambert describe how, if the stars all align perfectly for a little over three months, the Flames might find their way to the right path; albeit, even if they do, it will be due to flat out dumb luck, and still to the detriment of the team in the long run.

With all due respect to Doubting Thomas, it’s pretty easy write the Flames off before they play their first game. Let’s face it, historical performance makes it a lot easier to justify those claims than hope and speculation. This team hasn’t gotten the job done. They haven’t gotten into the playoffs for the last three years, and they have done little to change their modus operandi.

While I’m not a believer that all the stars need to be aligned, I do think there are some integral things that need to happen in order for some degree of success this season...

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Five things: Almost there

Ryan Lambert
January 17 2013 08:05AM

1. I can't believe I'm saying this

The Montreal Canadiens yesterday placed Scott Gomez on waivers for the purposes of buying him out, and if the Calgary Flames aren't the first team to call him, Jay Feaster should be fired. Into the sun.

I know what you're going to say: "Scott Gomez? Really? I knew Lambert was a hack and an idiot but this is sinking to new lows even for a troll moron like him." Well I don't know if anyone has looked at the Flames' depth down the middle lately, but you could stand in it with your pants rolled up only a little bit.

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Flames Camp News and Notes, January 16 2013

Ryan Pike
January 16 2013 03:12PM

A packed house was on-hand for the fourth day of Calgary Flames camp. The stands were the fullest they've been – I'd estimate somewhere just south of 1,000 fans in attendance – as the Flames had a mixed session of practice and scrimmage.

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Will the Flames Buy-Out Stajan? And Other Contract Issues

Kent Wilson
January 16 2013 07:12AM

With the news yesterday that team's will have the option of a compliance buy-out immediately (rather than having to wait till the summer), the most frequent question I've been asked is if the Flames will choose to part ways with Matt Stajan soon.

The wrinkle here is the the entire contract cap hit would still count against the Flames cap. On the other hand, by waiting out the shortened season the club can buy him out in the summer and get away cap-penalty free, saving them about $3.5M. Not huge, but certainly not nothing either.

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Flames Camp News and Notes, January 15 2013

Ryan Pike
January 15 2013 05:09PM

The high-tempo practices continued at the Saddledome on Tuesday. The club was missing some familiar faces but kept at it with another lengthy on-ice day. Here's what went down.

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