Jonathan Willis
July 01 2011 09:11PM

Free agency is a time generally reserved for welcoming new players into the fold, as the Oilers and Canucks did, or for being excited about the possibility of signing a true difference maker, as fans of the Flames and Leafs can be tonight.

Still, it’s also a time for departure, and each of the four cities in the Nation Network lost at least one player to another team today.

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Brad Richards Update

Pat Steinberg
July 01 2011 07:19PM

Darren Dreger passed along the information on Friday afternoon the Calgary Flames had got themselves in on the Brad Richards sweepstakes, presenting their own offer to the free agent centre.  The latest bit of information from Dreger has the Rangers as the front runner, with Calgary "very much in the hunt".  Flames GM Jay Feaster has a history with Richards from their time in Tampa, so it makes sense the team would at least put an offer in.

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UFa Frenzy Live Chat

Kent Wilson
July 01 2011 09:53AM

The chat is scheduled to start at 12pm MST today, but I can convinced to start things sooner if anything major breaks. Come by and marvel at the insanity.

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The stupid is thick on the ground tonight

Robert Cleave
June 30 2011 11:51PM



With tomorrow's start for free agency looming, it seems like a good time to have a quick look at some of the contracts that we've seen inked over the last couple of days, as well as what's left and what, if anything, the Flames should be looking for at 10 am MT.

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Comparing the Regehr and Burns Trades

Kent Wilson
June 30 2011 01:13PM



I've been asked by a number of emailers and commenters to take a look at the Robyn Regehr and Brent Burns swaps since the draft. The comparison seems like an apt one: both are top-four defenders exchanged in the same market to teams looking to shore up their defensive depth. The Sharks have also been interested in Reggie for years and reportedly made a play for him, so it's fair to ask whether Calgary could have gotten a similar package to what Minnesota demanded for Burns.

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