I actually Agree With Brian Burke on Something!

Kent Wilson
April 28 2010 12:16PM

Toronto Maple Leafs v Atlanta Thrashers


It's been interesting to see Brian Burke operate in Toronto as he tries to basically rebuild the team from scratch. Some of his strategies have struck me as ill-founded (copious amount of dollars spent on the blueline) while other have seemed downright ridiculous (truculence! Paying more than league minimum for pugilist Colton Orr...).

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Bear with me here

Ryan Lambert
April 27 2010 04:20PM

Over the last few weeks, while the Flames have been scheduling tee times and sitting around the house watching playoff hockey, we, the lowly hockey fans and writers, have been wallowing in a series dismal of "what-if" scenarios. But here's a what-if no one has tackled yet.

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Abbotsford Heat Update

Kent Wilson
April 27 2010 07:46AM

The Flames injury decimated farm team has managed to extend their first round series with the Rochester Americans (FLA affiliate) to seven games, despite falling behind three games to one. With Kris Chucko, Carsen Germyn, John Armstrong and John Negrin out of the line-up indefinitely due to injury (and Jason Jaffray only recently returning), the team has had to make due with a hodge-podge of random AHLers to supplement the depleted line-up. Tyler Spurgeon, Shawn Weller, Mark Mitera, John Lammers, Carter Bancks and Jon Rheault were all added late in the season, so it's something of a minor miracle that the Heat are even in this series.

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The Question of Jarome Iginla - Part 3

Kent Wilson
April 26 2010 10:54AM

Olympic News - February 28, 2010


In part one of this series, we established that Iginla's performance this past season fell short of his expectations and pay grade.

In part two, we saw that the dip in performance was in line with a trend of decline which has been in evidence since Iginla peaked four seasons ago. The decline is also congruent with the career arc of skaters in general, and Marcus Naslund in particular.

In this article, I'll look at what this all potentially means for the organization going forward.

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Around the League - Playoff Edition - Wk 1: Extended version

Jason Gregor
April 22 2010 10:29PM

This has been the best first round of NHL playoffs that I can remember. We’ve already seen one upset, Flyers (although I said I should pick them, but stupidly didn’t), the Bruins are one win away from another one, while the Predators, Avalanche, Senators and Coyotes aren’t going away quietly. And the most physical and entertaining series has been the Canucks/Kings, and I fully expect them to go seven games.

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