Two Minutes Hate! The Doug Risebrough Edition

September 07 2012 09:22AM




Oh man, I am so excited about this feature. There is nothing I like more than railing against those who we deem have wronged our Calgary Flames. A good text based hate hucking is going to make us all feel better about the current labour unrest, the Flames' stumble into mediocrity, and whatever crazy thing Michael Ferland is about to do next, trust me.  

Now you'd think, this being a hockey blog and whatnot, that we would call this feature "Two Minutes For Hate", in which those we loathe would have their sins recapped and would be forced to sit in the penalty box, but this hardly seems like fair retribution. No, we feel that our chosen tribute to Orwellian brainwashing and surveillance tactics are far more necessary, not that we here at Flames Nation would EVER try any of these mind control schemes on you, our noble reader.

Seriously though, we are watching you.

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2012-13 Reasonable Expectations: TJ Brodie

Kent Wilson
September 06 2012 11:59AM



Once the season starts, the Flames will have a couple of rookies who will garner a lot of attention: Sven Baertschi and Roman Cervenka. That will mean the roster's lone sophomore - TJ Brodie - will likely slide under the radar undetected. That's not entirely a bad thing for the 22-year old defender.

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Five things: 'Tis the season

Ryan Lambert
September 06 2012 06:43AM

1. Get ready

In the last week, we got the first two official stops on the "Sorry I was So Bad Last Season" Calgary Flames Apology Tour.

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Icons, trades and the ghost of 2004

Ryan Pike
September 05 2012 03:09PM



Our own Nation overlord Kent Wilson recently contributed to Puck Daddy's Essentials project, listing the essential moments, players and other details about the Calgary Flames. While Kent's choice of the acquisition of Jarome Iginla from the Dallas Stars was a pretty good one, I found myself thinking back to 1999.

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Flames News Round-Up, September 5 2012

Ryan Pike
September 05 2012 09:09AM



There may be no CBA movement in the NHL, but the Canadian Hockey League chugs towards the beginning of the regular season AND things are kicking off in Europe!

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