Season of Remembrance

November 11 2013 07:58AM

On the evening of December 24th, 1914, something redeeming happened along the Western Front in France and Belgium. Something sane, kind, good and human took over from the cruel madness that was emerging from the first few months of the Great War. On that night, rifles were put down and soldiers on opposite sides of a pitted field rose from their makeshift trenches filled with mud and earth and came together as comrades, offering each other gifts and friendship.

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Post-Game: Digging A Hole Against The Avs

Ryan Pike
November 08 2013 10:21PM

(photo courtesy of Mark Anderson/

With just one win to show for their road trip, the Flames headed into the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado on Friday night to renew acquaintances with the Colorado Avalanche, arguably hockey's hottest team. After making a trade to bolster their blueline, the Flames hit the ice to prove that the team has what it takes to beat good teams on the road.

Despite dominating play over the second and third periods, they learned a lesson about slow starts on the road.

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Flames acquire Smid for Horak

Kent Wilson
November 08 2013 05:34PM



The first ever trade between the Flames and Oilers involved an entirely mediocre defender (Steve Staios!). That's pretty much true of the second ever trade between the clubs as well, except this time at least the dude isn't completely over the hill.

Word came down this evening that the Flames have moved Roman Horak and G Laurent Brossoit for Ladislav Smid and G Olivier Roy.

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FGD: That Really Good Team That Cory Sarich Is Also On

November 08 2013 04:05PM


One night after some bad luck, bad personnel decisions, and a solid young hockey team dealt your Calgary Flames their second loss out of three games on their current road swing, the boys in white will do it all over again 24 hours later as they sled into Denver for a date with the equally young and equally good Colorado Avalanche.

While this may not be the division rival it once was, it's still a contest with some intrigue, which I'm sure I will mention at some point over the course of this FGD, and thusly convince you in the end that it is a hockey game you should watch.

Because that's what we're here for in the end, isn't it? How else are you going to spend your Friday night? In the company of your friends and loved ones in delightful social situations that one day you'll look back upon fondly? YEAH RIGHT BUDDY. It's hockey night, and that's all that matters in your otherwise devoid of meaning "life".

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Five things: Consider this

Ryan Lambert
November 08 2013 09:47AM


1. The goaltending situation

When the Flames put Joey MacDonald on waivers — as they should have, but hey didn't they just give him a one-year deal this summer? — and called up Reto Berra, few probably expected that he'd be any good at all, let alone give up just two goals on 44 shots to the Blackhawks.

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