Flames Scoring Chances - GAme 63 vs St. Louis Blues

Kent Wilson
February 27 2012 10:04PM



Final Score: 3-1 L

Final Summary


Head-to-Head ice


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Game 63 - Flames vs Blues Live Chat

Kent Wilson
February 27 2012 06:05PM

After the non-event of the trade deadline for the Flames, there isn't any sort of disruption to worry about for the game versus the Blues tonight.

St. Louis has finally taken the next step this year and spending years and years in the weeds. A lot of this will be attributed to Ken Hitchcock because the team took off after Davis Payne was fired, but the truth is the Blues had solid underlying numbers last year and similarly better than average possession rates this year before Hitchcock was hired.

The Blues are good because they have several lines of quality ES players. McDonald, Steen, Berglund, Oshie, Backes, Perron and Sobotka make a up a nucleus supported by Arnott, Stewart, D'Agostini and Langenbrunner. There's no superstars there, but that's at least three lines of forwards with no real weak spot. Particularly because Backes has moved from a middle tier power forward to one of the premier two-way skaters in the league.

Having a Selke quality guy makes everyone elses life easier and that's what's happening in St. Louis this season. That and Brian Elliot has gone from a replacement level 'tender to amazing without cause or warning. That's the part of this meteoric rise that probably won't last long term. Still...the Blues are really good and the Flames have a huge challenge on their hands this evening.

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Quiet Deadline for Flames - Zero trades, one contract extension

Kent Wilson
February 27 2012 01:17PM



The Calgary Flames executed zero trades today, which isn't too surprising given their lack of assets and tough position in the standings. Although Jay Feaster made some suggestions the other night during a intermission interview that he'd be interested in making some real changes, the fact is he was most likely just trying to put a scare into the dressing room.

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Nations Trade Deadline Live Chat

Kent Wilson
February 27 2012 10:04AM

Stop by at noon (or earlier) and talk about what's happened (or not) and any rumors that have cropped up. WILL CORY SARICH GET TRADED TODAY? Find out soon!

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Black Box: Week 21

Robert Vollman
February 27 2012 09:18AM



“Another random boring Vollman article. Stats add a bit of colour but cannot replace good hockey sense and ignore important subjective elements like heart and leadership. Put that in your pocket protector!” - Vollman's #1 fan Kenta

A tough 3-loss week for the Flames drags their post-season potential back down to the 27-32% range into the close race for 8th with Dallas, Los Angeles and Colorado.  Their only regulation loss of February was at the hands of the 29th place Edmonton Oilers – who actually have a better goal differential than the Flames!

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