So Painful

Pat Steinberg
May 12 2010 08:20AM

Montreal Canadiens v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game Five

On Twitter today, somebody suggested that we at The FAN 960 should no longer refer to Montreal's Mike Cammalleri by name.  Instead we should refer to him as "MC", to which I suggested we take a cue from the 2004 movie The Village and refer to him only as "he we do not speak of".

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Abbotsford and Team Canada Updates

Kent Wilson
May 10 2010 12:23PM

Canada's players celebrate a goal against Italy during their Ice Hockey World Championships match in Mannheim


 Not a lot happening in Flamesland right now, so I figured it's time for a tour around the periphery.

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In (Modest) Defense of Ales Kotalik

Kent Wilson
May 07 2010 11:06AM

Calgary Flames v Ottawa Senators


In the Nation roundtable, Ales Kotalik was identified by myself (and others) as budgetary deadweight that would best be expunged from the roster in order to free up some cap dollars. Frankly, I stand by that conclusion. Kotalik is a bad bet to provide value for his $3M/year salary over the next two seasons. While he's been a 20 goal scorer in the past, he's never played against tough competition consistently, meaning he's done most of his damage against third liners and on the power play. In addition, aside from a 62 point outburst for the Sabres back in 2006-05, Kotalik has hovered around the 40 point/season range, meaning he doesn't really do that much damage anyways. Also, he turns 32 in December.

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Darryl Sutter: The Bad

Pat Steinberg
May 07 2010 07:46AM

So, last week, I put up the first piece on Calgary Flames GM Darryl Sutter in a "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" series… I put up three examples, and I'm sure there are more. Well, now on to part two, as I'll throw out three examples that I believe fit in the "bad" category. In this case, I'll classify bad as deals that were made that didn't look terrible to start, but certainly don't look great now.

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Picks or it didn't happen: Darryl at the draft

Ryan Lambert
May 06 2010 03:43PM

The other night, I was watching the Penguins and Canadiens play, and I was talking with a friend about the number of players on those teams that they've drafted.

Crosby, Malkin, Goligoski, Talbot, Letang, Staal, Orpik, Kennedy and Fleury were all taken by the Pens via the draft. For the Habs, Plekanec, both Kostitsyns, Subban, Lapierre, Halak, Maxwell, O'Byrne, and Price were all wearing bleu et blanc et rouge on draft day.

And that got me to thinking about the Calgary Flames. Upon doing some research, I quickly wished I'd never undertaken that train of thought.

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