VOICE OF THE NATION - Giving a Voice to the Fans

Vintage Flame
November 19 2012 11:35AM





So here we are in Day 65 of the NHL Lockout. Many of the fans have not changed their feelings on the matter as a whole, but have changed the target of their vitriol. Some have shifted their blame from the owners to the players… back to the owners and then some back on the NHLPA or vice-versa.

Regardless of the blame game, what hasn’t changed is the fact that it’s the fans getting shafted amongst the bickering and discord exhibited by both sides.

Or is it?

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Flames Prospect Update, November 19 2012

Ryan Pike
November 19 2012 09:35AM

As American Thanksgiving looms upon us mere Canadians – and with it, the opportunity for big, big savings on Black Friday – hockey continues to chug along. Every single Flames prospect was in action this weekend. Here's how they're looking in mid-to-late November.

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KHL Highlights: Ovie OT Hero, Loko tops Grabo, and Malkin is a fairly decent player

Steve Dangle
November 18 2012 11:44PM

Here for your entertainment, ladies and gents, are highlights from five KHL games. If you're skeptical about the KHL, watch the highlights from the CSKA Moscow-Lokomotiv game and the Dynamo Moscow-Dinamo Minsk game, because those were damn good games. 


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Heat/Marlie Open Thread

Kent Wilson
November 18 2012 03:16PM



I failed to get a game day post up for he Heat/Marlies tilt today, but feel free to share thoughts and impressions of the game here nevertheless.

As of this writing, the Heat were down 3-0 to Toronto in the third period.

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Going Back to Winnipeg: Part Deux

November 18 2012 12:32PM

This is part two of a two-part article looking at the Winnipeg Jets in the Revisited Series. Part one can be found here.

In the previous article I had discussed the process by which True North Sports & Entertainment had acquired, and then relocated, the Jets. I detailed the scouting staff that had been retained, as well as reviewing their record at the draft and the consequences thereof. I reviewed Kevin Cheveldayoff and Claude Noel's records that warranted their positions within the organization, and we watched a video on why Gretzky is the Anti-Christ to Manitobans and how Samuel L. Jackson missed his calling as a junior hockey coach.

In this part I will look at Evander Kane, the Jets roster and recent additions, some season prognostications and my general summation of the state, and future, of the franchise.

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