Breaking - Flames FInally Offer Sheet O'Reilly

Kent Wilson
February 28 2013 03:56PM



According to Darren Dreger on twitter.

We've covered why this is a good idea here.

More as this develops.

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FGD: Things To Do In Denver (When You're Dying To Be Above .500)

Ryan Pike
February 28 2013 01:08PM



Your Calgary Flames have a bit of a problem, gang. They're seemingly allergic to getting over that hump at the .500 mark. They're 0-3-1 this year in games that could've put them over the top, and have arguably put out their four worst games of the year in those four outings. Heck, the same thing happened early last season and the Flames were only 3-4-2 when entering a game with a .500 record and the “horrible effort” train chugs back to that point last year, most notably the 9-0 mauling by the Bruins.

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Flames Acquire Brian McGrattan. Again.

Kent Wilson
February 28 2013 10:09AM

Word coming down this morning that the Flames have traded Joe Piskula to the Predators organization for enforcer Brian McGrattan. This will be the tough guy's second tour of duty for the Flames, previously donning the Flaming C for 34 games in 2009-10.

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Five things: STAJAN DOVE!!!

Ryan Lambert
February 28 2013 08:40AM

1. Stajan didn't dive

Something I saw a lot in the immediate aftermath of Charlie Coyle drilling Matt Stajan in the face with the rookie's shoulder pad a good second after he releases the puck was that Stajan dove, or at least embellished, on the play. In which he was plainly hit in the face. With a shoulder pad.

Coyle won't be suspended because the principal point of contact apparently was Stajan's chest, and not his face. And you also have to take into account that Coyle therefore didn't specifically target the head. Now, as to whether that explanation holds a lot of water given the way the league has been calling things the last two years is obviously up for debate.

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Flames Prospects 2012-13 NHLE - February 27

Kent Wilson
February 27 2013 09:28AM



Another month, another round of NHL equivalencies. Things are starting to wind down, with many of the various other leagues entering the final quarter of the season give or take. That means we're getting close to the final NHLE numbers for all of these kids this year.

Aside from a couple of stand-outs, it's unfortunately been an inauspicious season for Flames prospects, at least by this measure. Converting output to an NHL translation has it's uses but also it's limitations, primarily because counting stats obviously don't provide a complete picture of the player in question.

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