GDFD No. 58: Iggy :)

Ryan Lambert
February 05 2010 04:07PM

Welcome to the Game Day Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s 58th game of the season on Feb. 5, 2010.

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Don 'Bad Deals' Waddell strikes again

Jason Gregor
February 04 2010 11:49PM

2009 NHL Entry Draft, First Round

Don Waddell proves again why he is the worst GM in the NHL and the ownerships group, Atlanta Spirit LCC, is thinking about winning in the future they need to axe Waddell.

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Around the league - Feb 4, 2010

Jason Gregor
February 04 2010 12:02PM

The Leafs, Flames, Ducks and Rangers got a head start on trade deadline day with some big names and bigger contracts being moved. It’s interesting to note that only the Flames are in a playoff spot, albeit it barely, at the moment.

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Cautious Optimism

Pat Steinberg
February 04 2010 08:36AM

Calgary was a little better on Wednesday night taking a 4-1 win over the Carolina Hurricanes.  In fact, Calgary was MUCH better in a lot of ways. But... maybe the whole "wait and see" mantra is still a good one to have. Yes, Calgary played great, but I'm cautious for two separate reasons.

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Flames v. Hurricanes Postgame: Take that, Ric Flair

February 04 2010 12:57AM

Calgary Flames: 4 -- Glencross (3) [EN], Matt Stajan [GWG]

Carolina Hurricanes: 1 -- Eric Staal

NOTE: This post was written twice, as the first one disappeared into interwebmysteryland.

I missed this one. I am MAD! Not only was it not on TV, but I worked late too. Aaaaannd, I missed out on a road-trip down to C-town with two buddies - one a die-hard Flames fan, the other a die-hard 'Canes/Whalers fan. From what I understand, the Flames played AWESOME and Darryl Sutter is a genius. Well, that last part is still to be determined, but he's looking pretty smart so far.

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