Picture This...

Pat Steinberg
June 27 2011 01:24AM

With the 2011 NHL Entry Draft all wrapped up in St. Paul and Minneapolis, I thought I'd finish up the task of trying to make FlamesNation followers back in Calgary a little more a part of the action.  This years draft was very significant for the Calgary Flames, among a number of other NHL teams, as player movement became part of the norm throughout the weekend.  With Kent Wilson, Robert Cleave and I all there, we got a ton of things covered and I managed to snap a few G rated pics along the way.

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June 27 2011 12:48AM

Some problems on the Team 1260 end this week held up the file transfers to Nation Command this week. So gnash your teeth all you like, it isn't your ol' pal Wanye's fault that this didn't go live sooner. So here is what we have which includes the full podcast but there is no segment 7 for now.

Stay tuned for next week when Wanye makes a mistake preventing the NationRadio files from being uploaded sooner.

This is NationRadio.

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AGM and Duane Sutter News

Kent Wilson
June 26 2011 09:47PM



We're going to continue draft weekend coverage in earnest here at FN with profiles of Byron and Butler coming up in the next few days, as well as some more personal anecdotes from the excursion to Minnesota.

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Farewell to Robyn Regehr

Kent Wilson
June 26 2011 03:56PM



Before getting into the numbers side of the Flames most recent trade, it seems appropriate to bid a sincere farewell to Robyn Regehr, a guy who stood as one of franchise’s cornerstone players for the better part of a decade.

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Mixed Messages

Robert Cleave
June 26 2011 09:45AM



After a weekend spent watching the Flames punt one of their hard minutes defenceman out the door at this weekend's draft in St. Paul, like Ryan Lambert, I can only wonder exactly what the hell Jay Feaster is playing at. While I suspect most fans were hoping for the team to begin the clean-out of the club's extraneous players, I'm fairly certain Robyn Regehr wasn't the first name that came to mind. Reggie's move to the balmy climes of Lake Erie wasn't the only move of interest over the weekend, of course, and after the jump I'll offer a few thoughts on the festivities.


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