Post-Game: Grand Theft Bernier

Ryan Pike
October 30 2013 11:33PM

(photo courtesy In Goal Magazine)

Visits from the Toronto Maple Leafs are weird. There's more Toronto media around than Calgary media, it seems, and the same phenomenon extends to the crowd at the Scotiabank Saddledome. Potentially even more than visits from the Vancouver Canucks, Toronto games in Calgary turn the C of Red into an ocean of blue Leafs jerseys. Despite this, the Flames have had some success in such circumstances, although they must be a bit odd for the players.

Toronto visited Calgary for their only trip to the 'Dome this season. The game began rather oddly, with the news that Mikael Backlund was a healthy scratch. The game only got more wacky from there, with the Flames playing perhaps their best 60 minutes of the year but walking away disappointed, primarily due to the efforts of Toronto's goaltender.

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FGD: Smokin' Buds

October 30 2013 04:03PM

Yeah okay there buddy.

Tonight is the night, Citizens. It's them. They are in town. 

They may have taken Doug Gilmour. They may have given us Jamal Mayers Syndrome. They may come from a market with a suffocatingly delusional fanbase and irritating "local" media.  They might have Sloth as a coach and Chunk might be their best player. They might have a nitwit General Manager with the foresight of the entire city of Troy. They are the most overhyped, overrated, grammatically incorrectiest, laughable, loathable, loseable, suckiest bunch of sucks who ever sucked that never do anything of any consequence but still get more attention than Miley Cyrus no matter where they go. They are the New york Jets of hockey. The Paul Stanley of Puck.

We hate them.

But tonight, they are in our barn. They are the Toronto Maple Leafs, and brother, they are going down.

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The Flames At The Dot

Ryan Pike
October 29 2013 09:05AM



Even before the rebuild, one of the biggest holes for the Calgary Flames has been face-offs. This season, they're 30th in the league. Last season they were 28th. They were even 30th during Brent Sutter's last year as coach. Being bad at face-offs isn't a new phenomenon, and seems to be immune to changes in management, coaches or players.

Here's a brief situational look at how the Flames are doing at the face-off dot after 11 games.

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The Weekly Ignition: October 28 2013

Ryan Pike
October 28 2013 11:49AM



A fairly busy week in Flames-ville, both on and off the ice. Let's get to it!

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Random Thoughts - The First 10

Kent Wilson
October 28 2013 08:03AM



October is just about in the bank and we're starting to get a feel for step one of the rebuild. The Flames haven't been as bad as many expected, though with 12 points in 11 games they are still 6th out of 7 teams in the difficult Pacific division, ahead of only (haha) the Edmonton Oilers.

Here's some thoughts on the thr first 10, including Hartley's habits and some words on Iginla's reputation as a slow starter...

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