May 13 2011 08:44PM

Word out of New York tonight is that Rangers Forward Derek Boogaard has passed away suddenly.

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Jason Gregor
May 13 2011 08:40PM

If Patrice Bergeron is out for more than the first two games, the Bruins will be in tough against the Lightning. Bergeron has been great, and if he is out then the Nathan Horton line will have to carry more of the load. Horton's line was dominant against Philly, and it will be interesting to see if Eric Brewer and Matthias Ohlund can control that line starting Saturday.

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May 13 2011 06:03PM

Did you honestly think that Tampa Bay was going to beat Washington in the second round of the playoffs this year? You dirty rotten liar. No one thought Tampa Bay was going to win. How dare you sully the good name of this website with all of your falsehoods?

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May 13 News and Notes

Robert Cleave
May 13 2011 11:24AM




With the post-season at the midpoint, it's time again for a review of matters around the league. In this installment, the Sharks finish the Wings, the Eastern Conference goes on vacation, and the league puts out a fire in the desert. Maybe.

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Getting Higgy With It

Pat Steinberg
May 11 2011 01:29AM

Continuing in the theme of former Flames players who are still playing into mid-May, today we look at a guy who didn't have much more than a cup of coffee in Calgary.  Much like Ian White in San Jose, Vancouver's Chris Higgins has been a much traveled man over the past two seasons, with stints in New York and Florida to go along with his Canadian stops.  Now a conference finalist with the Canucks, Higgins has proved to be a very important addition, something those who watched him here shouldn't be surprised at.

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