Can the Flyers afford Ilya Bryzgalov?

Cam Charron
June 13 2011 07:24AM



(Cam Charron is a our newest addition to the Nations Network. He will pop in now and then and add his thoughts on more general NHL matters from time to time.)

Lost in all the fuss this week over the Stanley Cup Finals is the implications of the Ilya Bryzgalov trade to the Philadelphia Flyers. Phoenix, of course, doesn't have the money to sign Bryzgalov to what are reportedly astronomical contract demands, and the rumour goes that Bryzgalov wants to be paid like a top player, and not necessarily like a top goalie.

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First Round Targets - Mark McNeill

Robert Cleave
June 12 2011 10:36AM


The Flames head to this month's draft with a relatively barren prospect cupboard to fill, so decent players of any sort will do, but the primary deficiency the club faces at the developmental level is the absence of skilled forwards. The 13th pick in the draft represents an opportunity to address that need, and one of the potential players of interest is Prince Albert center Mark McNeill. 

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June 11 2011 05:19PM

It takes the most up to date technology on the planet to bring you NationRadio this week. Massive databases of information. Radio towers that stretch into the very sky. And cutting edge computers capable of recognizing speech patterns.

Hot on the heels of our highest downloaded to show to date - this is NationRadio.

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First Round Targets: Joel Armia

Kent Wilson
June 11 2011 03:46PM



While Sven Bartschi is a good target for the Flames in terms abilities, the truth is it's entirely possible he'll be picked by the time the 13 choice rolls around. The lanky Fin Joel Armia, however, lands right around the Flames in just about every draft llst I've seen so far.

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June 10 News and Notes

Robert Cleave
June 10 2011 01:02AM



The NHL season, which often has the aura of a forced march during the regular year, is a just a week away at most from being complete. Where the hell did the time go? It just seemed like yesterday when people were questioning Roberto Luongo and wondering if Ryan Kesler would start scoring like he had earlier in the year.  Oh, wait, that was yesterday. Silly me. At any rate, it’s time again for a review of NHL news local and otherwise. This week, the Flames sign a young defender, the Finals head back to B.C. and some hockey team sold some tickets.

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