KHL: The last few days

Steve Dangle
December 04 2012 12:11PM


It's a lockout, but I've barely noticed.

Been very busy over the last few days with a bunch of things, so without further delay, here's a whollllle bunch of KHL games and action from the last few days. Alex Ovechkin's first KHL hat trick, Malkin gets 4 points, and some orgasmic goals. Yes. Orgasimic.


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Jason Gregor
December 04 2012 08:21AM

Donald Fehr and Gary Bettman will not be directly involved in today's meeting between six NHL owners and a select group of NHL players, but don't jump to a conclusion assuming that both sides will suddenly find some common ground with their leaders out of the room.

Bettman has long been the player's whipping boy. They actually believe that he wants to ruin the game and that he's the ultimate puppet master pulling the owner's strings. Meanwhile the NHL is certain that Fehr is not telling the players the truth, even though many of them have been present during most of the negotiations.

The lockout was asinine to begin with, but it's becoming more laughable by the day. It would be great if today's meeting will start an avalanche of positive negotiations, or as Steve Burton reported continue on the "significant progress" they allegedly made yesterday.

We'll see.

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Bob Hartley Interview

MC Hockey
December 03 2012 02:19PM

Good fortune continues as our MC Hockey (Marty Clarke) asked Flames Head Coach Bob Hartley for an interview after meeting him at the Kidsport Volunteer breakfast a couple weeks back. Via the kind VP of Communications Peter Hanlon at the Flames, it was arranged and done on Friday November 30.

Big thanks to Mr. Hartley and Mr. Hanlon for their time, graciousness and honesty. And as a bonus I met Canadian figure-skating gold medalist David Pelletier during my visit. During my meeting with Coach Hartley, a number of issues were covered and my transcript with appropriate edits are below with questions and answers getting more interesting and insightful as we went along.

Marty Clarke: How has the adjustment to buying a home and living in Calgary gone for you and your wife? Have you been able to enjoy what the city offers?

Bob Hartley: We have really enjoyed Calgary so far. You can tell it's a sports-minded commmunity and that people are passionate about sport and hockey. There are great people here in the City and with the Flames organization and we have great players on the team who have become ambassadors for the sport and recognized in the city, so that is enjoyable. You can tell hockey is important here as fans want to meet me and I have been to many community events including meeting over 150 coaches and minor hockey clinic we conducted recently.

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Gaudreauby Baker Shirt Order Update

Kent Wilson
December 03 2012 11:31AM



So we got over 40 orders for the Gaudreauby Baker shirt, which surprised the heck out of me. If you still want in on a shirt order but haven't contacted me, please do so by the end of the day today so I can send the final numbers to our friends down in Boston.

For those of you who have placed your order, I'll be sending you a mass email with details today. This post contains one of your payment options. Below I have added a paypal button which will work for those of you with paypal or if you want to use a credit card. The button below should walk you through the ordering/pay process and will also work for anyone who wants multiple items.

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Flames Prospect Update, December 3 2012

Ryan Pike
December 03 2012 09:37AM

It's December now.

If that doesn't depress you a bit, I don't know what will. While it's unlikely that the NHL will return before 2013, there is still lots of hockey afoot. Can the Heat continue their winning ways? What college or junior players will step up?

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