How the homeless can help the Flames

Ryan Lambert
July 30 2009 02:06PM


As you may or may not have heard, it came to light this week that the Penguins benefited a great deal over the course of the season from some sage advice from a homeless man.

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Jersey advertising coming to the NHL?

Jason Gregor
July 30 2009 12:01PM


The NHL is always looking at ways to generate more money, and don’t be surprised if you see you see a NHL jerseys sporting a “Wanye’s Rehab Clinic” logo in the near future.

USA Today had an interesting article describing that ads on practice and game jerseys will be reality very soon.

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How Sutter does it

Ryan Lambert
July 28 2009 03:43PM


Lately, it seems like Darryl Sutter is the smartest man in hockey. It doesn't appear as though he's made a bad deal since before the draft, and it's led many, like Tony Gallagher, to wonder how fair that is and/or how he can actually pull off these criminally brilliant deals again and again, and again and again and again.

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Hey Darryl, do you have a second?

Jean Lefebvre
July 27 2009 07:59PM

Tim Ramholt.

That, dear readers, is the best possible explanation – or at least the best two-word explanation – for the amazing disposability of second-round picks in the Darryl Sutter Era at the House Pekka Rautakallio Built.

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Why I'm a terrible Flames "fan"

Ryan Lambert
July 27 2009 04:05PM

The above picture is what the stereotypical "sports fan" looks like. And that's why I'm not one.

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