Flames Scoring Chances - Game 44 versus Ottawa

Kent Wilson
January 14 2011 08:25PM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20656

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FGD: Capitol City

Pat Steinberg
January 14 2011 12:09PM

The Calgary Flames continue a four game road trip tonight as they take on the Ottawa Senators for the first time this season (5:30 pm, Sportsnet West and The FAN 960).  The Flames look to snap a four game skid even with a couple of pretty good outings in shootout losses over their last two games.  The matchup tonight pits the Flames against a team with fewer points, which isn't a regular occurence these days.

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Gameday Preview: Mirror

Robert Cleave
January 14 2011 05:56AM



It isn't often that the Flames get to play a team that is clearly in a worse spot these days, but that opportunity presents itself this evening in Kanata when they meet the Senators. Ottawa is a team going nowhere and likely headed for a teardown, with near term prospects for the Sens appearing a bit bleak. Why does that sound familiar?

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Identifying the Core

Pat Steinberg
January 13 2011 02:33PM


With most among FlamesNation believing this team needs to retool a tad and go in a different direction, it's fueled more and more conversation about "the core" and how that group of players should look going forward.  Whereas, at one time the core group of players was clearly identified, doing the same thing again with the current group is a much more difficult assignment.

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January 12 News and Notes

Robert Cleave
January 12 2011 08:56PM



The Flames have another lengthy break in the schedule, permitting them an opportunity to enjoy three glorious days in Canada's sump hole for tax dollars wonderful capital city. Lucky them. FN doesn't rest, though, and it's once again time for a look at a few matters of note around the league. In this installment, Kipper is under the microscope, the Sharks look very ordinary and the Yotes and Rags make a swap.

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