Jokinen - Failure or Misunderstood?

Kent Wilson
February 18 2010 10:48AM

Calgary Flames v Phoenix Coyotes


I've taken a look forward in my most recent articles, but perhaps it's time to glance backwards and paw through the wreckage that was the Olli Jokinen experiment. While his acquisition was met with a nearly unanimous chorus of cheers last year, I was far more apprehensive

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OCCD6: Teary Times

February 18 2010 10:24AM

Question: say you put Scott Hamilton and Darren Pang into some sort of foot locker together. Say you then grabbed somebody walking by, pulled one of them out of the foot locker and said "QUICK! QUICK! Is this Scott Hamilton or Darren Pang? QUICK!" Before slamming them back in the foot locker, do you think the passer by would be able to tell who they saw?

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Iginla impressions

Pat Steinberg
February 17 2010 08:59AM

So, I've got it! I've figured out how to spur Jarome Iginla into the 50-goal product he was 2 seasons ago! (I'm a genius). Bring in Sidney Crosby and Rick Nash, and you've got it made. I can't believe I didn't think of this before! In all seriousness, a great outing to start for Team Canada and that Iginla guy didn't fare too well either.

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Have the Trades Helped Jarome?

Kent Wilson
February 17 2010 08:27AM

Calgary Flames v Ottawa Senators


Yesterday I talked about the apparent team-wide improvement that has occured since the Phaneuf and Jokinen trades. Today I'll focus on the apparent effect they've had on Jarome Iginla. One of the unspoken reasons for executing such a major exchange was the struggles of the Flames captain, who is (was?) having one of his worst seasons in the last decade in terms of results and underlying stats.

Prior to the deals, Iginla wasn't really driving possession in a manner that was consistent with his past or his paycheck. In fact, he and Jokinen spent the first half of the season chasing the bad guys around their own end for most of the night. Iggy was on pace for his lowest point total since 2005-06 and his lowest goal total since 1999-2000. It wasn't the result of bad bounces either, since his personal shot rate (3/game) was way off his typical pace (3.65/game). That doesn't look like huge difference, but over an 82 game schedule that's about 50 shots.

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February 16 2010 07:32PM


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