Game No. 42: Southleast (interesting game)

Ryan Lambert
January 11 2011 04:35PM

Nothing says excitement like Flames/'Canes.

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FGD: Eastern Promises

Pat Steinberg
January 11 2011 12:10PM

With more than one half of their season in the books, the Calgary Flames now set their sights on a four game road trip through the Eastern Conference, starting tonight in Carolina (5 pm, Sportsnet West and The FAN 960).  Even though many believe the playoffs are out of the question for the 14th place Flames, a successful jaunt away from home might raise confidence levels a bit.

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Staal'd in Carolina

Kent Wilson
January 11 2011 10:32AM




I have a bit of a soft spot for the Carolina Hurricanes, mostly because they defeated the Oilers in 2006 cup finals and spared us Flames fans a summer of insufferable gloating from up north. They weren't really able to sustain that level of performance after the championship season, although the rotten year they suffered through in 2009-10 seems to have netted them a pretty good youngster.

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Jay Feaster's Competing Incentives

Kent Wilson
January 10 2011 01:57PM



Tyler Dellow discusses some of the perverse incentives that exist for NHL GM's at the bottom of the ladder to lose hockey games in this recent post. With high draft picks the reward for failure in the NHL, it's conceivable that a couple of general managers will inevtiably find ways to grease the wheels of failure every year and improve their draft position.

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Flames Roundtable: Midseason Musings

Robert Cleave
January 09 2011 09:05PM




The Flames have reached the mid-point of their year, and as painful an exercise as it's likely to be, the time has come for a few words on the club's season to date and what the future may hold. Unsurprisingly, this edition of the roundtable will largely focus on what my esteemed colleagues have in mind to get the rebuild started.

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