Development Camp 2013: Day One Impressions

Ryan Pike
July 12 2013 08:09AM



The first day of on-ice work is complete at Calgary Flames Development Camp 2013. While it's incredibly difficult to say who was good or bad based on a series of skating and puck-handling drills, here were my general impressions of the first few sessions.

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Development Camp 2013: Sean Monahan

Ryan Pike
July 11 2013 02:21PM



The first thing you notice about Sean Monahan is his deep voice. He's also incredibly well-spoken. Calgary's sixth overall selection in the 2013 NHL Draft comes across as incredibly focused on improving as a hockey player and challenging for a roster spot in Calgary in the fall.

I had the chance to chat with Monahan briefly in-between sessions at Calgary Flames development camp this past week.

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Five things: The facts of life

Ryan Lambert
July 11 2013 08:01AM

1. A judicious decision

So the Flames, much to my surprise, didn't make serious runs at any of the league's big free agents this summer, or at least, didn't make runs serious enough to actually attract them. That's not the surprising part. The surprising thing, I guess, is that this team really is committed to tanking hard next season.

It would appear that Feaster is indeed planning to do what's best for the team and not necessarily his job by going forward with a team on which Lee Stempniak and David Jones are the top two right wings every single night.

I love it.

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Breathe Easy: Flames Sign Backlund

July 10 2013 03:21PM

And there it is.

I'm sure some of you were a scosh concerned that this had not happened yet (Not me though, I was totally confident the whole time and no I can't tell you why I've been sweating profusely during this whole ordeal), but the long wait is finally over: ol' Mikey Backlund is a member of your Calgary Flames for a little while going forward.

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Flames Prospects: Missed the Cut

Kent Wilson
July 10 2013 12:42PM



We recently wrapped up FN's ranking of the Flames top-15 prospects under 24. TJ Brodie topped the list, while Mark Jankowski came in at #15.

We'll re-order things next summer and I'm sure that list will include new guys like Sean Monahan, Emile Poirier and Morgan Klimchuk. For now, we'll look at the other hopefuls who didn't quite make the cut for various reasons this year.

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