February 16 2010 07:32PM


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Flames Before and After the Great Re-Build

Kent Wilson
February 16 2010 02:04PM

Calgary Flames v Ottawa Senators

With the Olympic break upon us, now is a good time for some hardcore navel gaving. The Flames have provided plenty of fodder for introspection recently: the unprecedented mid-season house cleaning and their desperate drive for a play-off contain more drama than any of the angsty-privileged-teen shows that currently clutter cable.

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Double the Fun

Stephen Webb
February 16 2010 11:41AM

Ice Hockey

It's time for Canadian hockey fans to openly accept and embrace bigamy. Not the kind the good folks of Utah used to be found of, nor the kind that life a hell of a lot easier (and cheaper) for Tiger Woods. As the Sedins have showed us, it's can be fun to double up.

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February 16 2010 01:22AM


OH SNAP Puffy! The Olympic Games finally get underway today when the Canadian Men's Ice Hockey Team faces off against the Norwegians in Vancouver. The Canadians are looking to set the tone with a big start against Norway, showing that a single practice in the last 4 months is exactly enough preparation for this bunch of All Stars to dominate the ice.

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February 16 2010 12:25AM



Look at this poor bastard will you? And on Valentine’s Day to boot. Now pretend we are the woman in the clip. Yeah, look at our bouncy brown hair and royal blue Jersey. We’re damn sexy. We don’t need no mans proposing to us at no Rangers game. Who does he think he is anyway?

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