Utter Madness: Columbus Fires Four Amateur Scouts After the Draft

June 24 2012 06:31PM


The following article is about the Columbus Blue Jackets, which makes it something of an oddity. I wrote it because it deals with NHL processes and decision making- two things that are frequently discussed here. Also, it's nice to notice that other franchises can be more awful in how they're run.

A strange thing happened after the 2012 NHL Entry Draft had ended: the Columbus Blue Jackets fired four amateur scouts including the assistant director of amateur scouting. Seeing a number of hockey operations personnel fired at the same time isn't that unusual in and of itself. It most frequently happens when new management- whether a GM, team president, or owner- comes in. It rarely happens after the major event in which those personnel are involved has ended.

No real reason has been given for the firing, as far as I'm aware, but it's hard to imagine a reason that makes sense. Let's run down the possibilities.

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The Flames Fifteen: #2 - T.J. Brodie

Vintage Flame
June 24 2012 11:48AM


There is a common catch-phrase that states, “You’ve come a long way baby”, that couldn’t be more fitting for a prospect like TJ Brodie. Drafted by Calgary in the fourth round (114th overall) in 2008, he was seen as having the potential to be an offensive defenseman with upside. After an impressive showing in his first training camp with the Flames, the young D-Man only lasted three games before being returned to the Abbotsford Heat. Not allowing the demotion to discourage him, Brodie registered 5 goals and 34 points in 68 games; and was the Heat’s lone representative in the AHL All Star game.

The 2011-12 season would be a much different story. He would begin the season in Abbotsford once again, but would only last there for twelve games. Once called up to the parent club, there would be no looking back.

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Nation Radio - June 23, 2012 Entry Draft Edition

June 24 2012 09:24AM



The 2012 Entry Draft was a wild one, with an unexpected run on defenders in the top-10, the Jordan Staal and Luke Schenn trades as well as Calgary making the biggest risk/reward pick in the first round. The Nation had no less than five people on the ground in Pittsburgh watching the action and rubbing elbows with scouts and GM's alike. Yesterday, all of them talked to Allan about their takes and experiences.

This is Nation Radio.

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The 2012 NHL Entry Draft: Recap

Jonathan Willis
June 23 2012 05:16PM

The 2012 NHL Entry Draft featured a ton of action, and we had people on the ground from across the Nation Network. With the draft behind us, now's a good time to summarize the collected work done by our writers.

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Flames Picks Round 5-7

Kent Wilson
June 23 2012 10:49AM



Ryan Culkin, D - 124th overall

Culkin is a defender from the Quebec Ramparts of QMJHL. He's the third defenseman picked by the Flames in this draft, making Jankowski the only forward chosen in the top-125 by Calgary. Culkin is a 6'1", 175 pound blueliner who scored 6 goals and 25 points in 60 games. Like many other Flames picks in this draft, he's described as a player with good hockey sense. Boucher scouting has an in-depth one game scout report and even summary on Culkin here.

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