The "Iginla's Return" FN Roundtable

Ryan Pike
December 11 2013 01:53PM




With Jarome Iginla's emotional return to Calgary last night, the FlamesNation crew decided to revisit the Big Trade with the Penguns. As such, here's a quick run around the table to see how Iginla's remembered by this bunch and how things look for the Flames in the aftermath of his trade last March.

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Fans Never Really Got to Say Good-Bye

Steve Macfarlane
December 11 2013 08:23AM


- pic via Cats Five


Jarome Iginla’s last game as a member of the Flames was technically sitting out as as a healthy scratch last season, on the night he was ultimately traded. Because there were deals in the works, Iginla was told to stay home. He didn’t even get to come to the rink.

For 16 years, Iginla was the future, then face of the franchise here. And just like that, he was gone.

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Post-Game: Cheer Up, Bud!

Ryan Pike
December 10 2013 10:41PM



It was an emotional night down there at the Scotiabank Saddledome, as Jarome Iginla made his first appearance in the building as a visitor following playing the better part of two decades as a Flame. Despite the distraction of Iginla's return, the Flames played a strong and structured game and out-worked Boston.

Well, for 40 minutes, at least.

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FGD: The Returnening!

December 10 2013 10:09AM



That video tribute to Jarome Iginla is brilliant. If you've got half an hour to kill, this is a million times better than that episode of the Big Bang Theory you were planning to watch, so do yourself a favour and peep this instead, Citizens. Big ups to Anthony Cook, who is quite a terrific media distributor for Flames fans wanting Flames goodness, for compiling this tome.

It, literally, figuratively, and metaphorically, is TIME. Tonight is the night. This game has been marked down on the calendar of every Flames fan since they released the schedule and assuming any Flames fan still uses an actual calendar and not the much, much better Google version on their phone.

Your Calgary Flames sit 6th in the Pacific Division, ahead of only the woefully hilarious Edmonton Oilers, and do not look poised to be fighting for a playoff spot. The foe tonight: The Boston Bruins, a ferocious pack of Bear-Man hockey players with aspirations of Stanley, an Eastern Conference anxiety that presents itself but twice this season. Optically, this game could not be more meaningless. But for Flames fans, this is a game that we all know we'll never forget, no matter what happens. Why is this, of all games, such a big deal?

Because the King is back, baby. Big Daddy Jarome is chillin' in the Dome!

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The Weekly Ignition: December 9 2013

Ryan Pike
December 09 2013 09:24AM



It was a big week for the Calgary Flames, with three games against in-conference opponents, and the long-awaited return of their captain Mark Giordano. All this and more in this week's Weekly Ignition!

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