SWOT-ing the Flames: Sloppy Seconds See Supporters Suffering

Kent Wilson
August 16 2011 09:43AM



(We finish the FN contributor search with Marty Clarke's novel of a post.)

By: Marty Clarke**

So, what the hell am I talking about with my combination antagonistic and Dr. Seuss-ian headline? Well, many of you in your work, sports team, or academic pursuits have either consciously or subconsciously done a SWOT analysis which simply means assessing the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of your company or team at a point-in-time so you can assess them and then plan to move forward to (hopefully) be more successful. In my view, the Flames are better off in some ways than many Calgarians believes but perhaps worse off in other areas. So let's have a gander at the Flames as of August 15, 2011, shall we? I will keep this concise by focussing on the top 2 items in each category while trying to use the English language with some creativity and perhaps humor.

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In Defense of Jay Bouwmeester

Kent Wilson
August 15 2011 12:36PM



(Freelance writer and Dobber baseball fantasy analyst Mike Schmidt enters the FN contributor fray with a quantitaive defense of the JayBo)

By: Mike Schmidt**

The final game of the 2010-11 season ended the same way for the Calgary Flames as it did on 29 other occasions during the year – a loss in which defenseman Jay Bouwmeester failed to register a point.

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August 15 2011 11:33AM



Since ganking the Atlanta Thrashers, renaming them the Jets and releasing a spiffy new logo, Winnipeg is squarely on the National stage as they get ready to bring NHL hockey to Manitoba for the first time in 15 years. The City is hotter than the Keegan Bradley fan club and they are getting ready for one hell of a party.

With that in mind we fired up the imaginary WanyeJet and visited friendly Manitoba for the past several days. What we found was pretty bloody awesome.

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Flamesnation week in preview

Kent Wilson
August 15 2011 11:04AM



We're half way through August and only a few weeks away from the prospects tourny and therefore real, actual hockey stuff to talk about. For now, FN has a few things coming to keep you occupied.

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August 15 2011 12:18AM


In what can only be described as 'epic' - Robin Brownlee makes his inaugural appearance on NationRadio this week. After 25 episodes of refusing to appear as a guest, the legend vaults right into the big chair taking the reins as the host, filling in for Lowetide who is on a well deserved vacation. And he flipped through his rolodex and booked some pretty spectacular guests.

Not one but TWO Edmonton Oilers are on the show this week as Sam Gagner and Ryan Whitney stop by to say hello. Newly re-signed Oilers play by play man Kevin Quinn comes by too, to put the rumours of a multi-million dollar contract to bed. Oh yeah, and Oilers Head Scout Stu MacGregor? He's here too.

This is some amazing NationRadio. 

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