August 21 News and Notes

Robert Cleave
August 21 2011 03:12AM



The NHL is mostly in the doldrums in regard to player movement at the moment, but that doesn't mean that  the business is completely peaceful, so it's time for a brief review of some of the happenings around the game. In this installment, the league's R and D camp has a few useful ideas, off-ice doings dominate in Phoenix, St. Louis, Dallas and the Island, and a member of hockey's family is laid to rest.

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Edmonton's Dirty Little Secret

Vintage Flame
August 19 2011 04:01PM



The following is a Public Service Announcement from the fans of the Calgary Flames... “EDMONTON is the worst thing since Hepatitis!” Wow...That’s kind of harsh isn’t it? But... that is what I read the other day. And, it came from a fairly respected source. However, just to be fair, let’s take an in depth look and see if indeed the Oilers are worthy of the reference.

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Introducing Flamesnations Newest Contributor

Kent Wilson
August 19 2011 10:15AM



After an extended contributor search, we have finally settled on the newest voice to join the cast here at FN. It wasn't an easy choice and I spent a lot of time deliberating over the many quality submissions we received. But in the end we have settled on...Vintage Flame!

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NHL Announces US National TV Schedule

August 18 2011 12:38PM



The NHL announced the games that'll be shown on Versus/NBC this year and the list is pretty bizarre. There are some teams with a ton of appearances that make sense. The four way tie for second place between Boston, Detroit, Pittsburgh and Washington sees them with 14 potential appearances each. They're all major ratings draws due to being in large American hockey markets, having recent success and/or having Crosby and Ovechkin.

In first place is the New York Rangers with 16 potential appearances which makes little to no sense. The Rangers will be mediocre again like they are every year and despite NYC being the largest US media market most people outside of New York hate NYC and the Rangers.

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Summarizing the Flames, the elite and last season

Kent Wilson
August 18 2011 10:16AM



We wrap up the "mediocrity" series today by taking a look at some of the Flames underlying numbers against some of the best in the league. Previously Kevin Hatch investigated the Flames winning percentages against the various tiers in the league and showed us the team really struggled against the big boys - even during the hallowed second-half run (in fact, their winning percentage went down against the top-four clubs).

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