Five things: Alright alright

Ryan Lambert
January 31 2013 06:21AM

1. Something odd, but not overall

So I think one of the things everyone in the hockey world more or less agreed upon was that the Northwest Division would be the worst in the West, and maybe the league overall. Turns out, those observers were totally correct.

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Flames News and Notes, January 30 2013

Ryan Pike
January 30 2013 03:22PM



As we head into game-day tomorrow against the Colorado Avalanche, here are a few notes from throughout this week.

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Flames Scoring Chance Totals So Far

Kent Wilson
January 30 2013 10:45AM


- Image courtesy Hockey By Design

As you all may know, we continue to count scoring chances here at FN as we have the last couple of years. The handy application we used in the past is currently down, so instead we have taken to excel spreadsheets to get the work done. It makes for less detailed analysis because we can't get differentials for individual players, but some information is better than nothing.

I started on game 2, so there is only three games of data so far.

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Flames Forward Usage Against Edmonton

Ryan Pike
January 29 2013 01:20PM



Saturday night's game between the Flames and the Edmonton Oilers was the first appearance of the year for recent acquisitions Jiri Hudler and Roman Cervenka. It was also the first game where Flames coach Bob Hartley could start rolling the lines that he wanted to roll with an entirely healthy line-up.

Let's take a look at how Hartley deployed the lines 5-on-5 and how the lines did.

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Flames 5 Early Season Surprises

Kent Wilson
January 29 2013 08:44AM



Four Games isn't enough for anyone to be engaging in any sort of meaningful analysis unfortunately. Let's put it this way, in the past I had counted 10-game samples where Matthew Lombardi led the team in possession rate. I always had a soft spot for Lombo, but he was never the best forward on this team at any point during his tenure here.

As noted previously, weird stuff is going to happen in small bursts, especially early in the seaason. With that caveat noted, here's some of the surprises that have emerged from the Flames first 10 days of 2013.

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