Brave New World

Kent Wilson
April 01 2013 10:49AM



It only took about five years of faltering results, increasing budgets and doddering superstars, but the Flames flipped the page on the Iginla era when they finally traded Jarome last week. The quality of the return as well as the integrity of the process can be debated forever, but there's no question it's something that had to be done.

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In Defense of Jay Feaster...Sort Of

March 31 2013 10:57AM



Henry Ford once said that customers were free to buy a car in any colour they wanted - so long as it was black.

This approach to buyer's choice is somewhat analogous to the options faced by Jay Feaster in the Iginla trade. There was really only one option in the end and Feaster had be content with it, because Ray Shero wasn't going to offer more than he felt he had to and Jarome Iginla had made the decision that he wanted to go to Pittsburgh.

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The Iginla Trade Circus

March 30 2013 10:11AM


After the news of the Boston “trade” broke over twitter, I made the joke that it would have been far more appropriate for Calgary to play Iginla and trade him in the middle of the game, given how absurd the management is, but they did me one better. Hell, they did me several better.

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POST-GAME: A New Chapter... But Same Story

Vintage Flame
March 29 2013 11:23PM


Your Calgary Flames began a new chapter in this fabled franchise, but the theme remained constant. Having to compensate for a horrific road record, the Flames have been able to provide a counter balance with eight straight wins at home. It's the same story we here at Flames Nation have been telling for awhile now... The Jeckyll and Hyde team that is polar opposites depending which jersy they pull over their heads that night.

Tonight they would face a team again within reach in the standings with a realistic chance at victory. There's no place like home, but  home is where the heart is, and after the team's biggest trade in almost two decades, there is a vast uncertainty as to if there is any heart left in Cowtown.

Tonight's line-up would also carry the Jeckyll and Hyde  metaphor, as there was a complete and utter disconnect between the forwards, D-men and the keeper.

As you can probably guess by now... we can stop the counter on consecutive home wins. Here's how it went down...

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FGD: Life Without Iggy Begins

Ryan Pike
March 29 2013 03:33PM


Columbus Blue Jackets

pic via Teka England

The Calgary Flames are coming off a white-knuckled 4-3 win over the lowly Colorado Avalanche on Wednesday night and they continue their trek to the trade deadline with a meeting tonight with the Columbus Blue Jackets. Game time is 7pm on Sportsnet West and Sportsnet 960 The Fan.

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