The toughest division

Jean Lefebvre
July 24 2009 11:03AM


Earlier this week, in the course of discussing a different topic, the conversation drifted to the relative mediocrity of the Northwest Division. It wasn’t so long ago that the Northwest was being touted as the best in the National Hockey League, and if that claim was debatable then, it would be preposterous now.

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Under pressure

Ryan Lambert
July 24 2009 10:04AM


The Flames have made a lot of big moves this season, throwing around a decent amount of money, wheeling and dealing for all kinds of players to fill secondary and tertiary roles, and pissing off a New Jersey-based franchise in the process, but the biggest amount of pressure isn't on Darryl Sutter, who will rule the Flames like a king until such time as he, and only he, sees fit to shuffle along.

If you wanna know the truth, it's all on Kipper.

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Connecting the dots

Jean Lefebvre
July 23 2009 09:08AM

A certain manufacturer and distributor of brewed beverages in this country claims in an ad campaign that there’s an unwritten code in this country and then proceeds to list a bunch of actions that are supposedly reflective of Canadians. Not surprisingly, many of the code items are hockey-related, but there seems to be one missing. Allow us to rectify this error

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Dump your garbage on a garbage franchise

Ryan Lambert
July 22 2009 12:30PM

With that Radim Vrbata trade yesterday, it looks like it's officially open season on trading problem contracts to Phoenix.

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Summer camp hits and misses

Jean Lefebvre
July 19 2009 02:01PM

The Official Handbook of Hockey Cliches demands that the draft be referred to as a crapshoot. Not roulette, not keno, not baccarat — the acceptable game of chance choice for simile purposes when it comes to the teenage talent roundup is craps.

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