Tim Erixon Loves Chantal Kreviazuk

Kent Wilson
August 13 2011 08:22AM



(We're drawing to the end of the contributor search. Next week, we will review the entries and decide on the finalists)

By: Taylor Rocca**

Tim Erixon’s departure from the Calgary Flames organization was unceremonious to say the least. For those who don’t remember, the Flames were forced to trade the young, blue-chip defenseman to the New York Rangers back on June 1st when it became apparent that Erixon would not sign an entry-level contract with the club.

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The Run

Kent Wilson
August 12 2011 09:57AM



(Kevin posts regularly as sincity1976 here in the comments. A little while ago he posted a comment and I asked him to follow-up with an entry into the blog-off. He obliged. This work dovetails with the "why the Flames are mediocre" series here at FN)

By: Kevin Hatch**

Prior to December 23 the Flames were dreadful. To that point they had managed a record of 15-19-3 and were flirting with the Oiler’s in the bottom of the Western Conference. The most optimistic Flames supporters were polishing their pitch forks preparing to run the Sutter’s, King, and most of the Flame’s star players out of town.

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The New CBA: To Sign or not to sign a player...that is the question

Kent Wilson
August 11 2011 09:12AM


(Only a few entries left in the Blog-off. Today, Mr.Bader talks about the business side of things)

By Byron Bader**

A debate raging around the league is whether or not you should be signing players now that a new CBA could be in the works after this season or if you should wait it out until everything is settled. I’d see no point in not signing the players for several reasons.

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The worst of The first line center candidates

Kent Wilson
August 10 2011 12:27PM



There was a long running twitter discussion the other day between myself, Steinberg and various others (speak up in the comments) on who may land between Alex Tanguay and Jarome Iginla this year.

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Jason Gregor
August 10 2011 11:24AM


That's Mark Letestu directly to the right of Sidney Crosby. In part one of Jungle B: Road to the NHL, Letestu gave some insight into his incredible, and rare, ascent up the hockey chain. From a 17-year-old in Junior B in Alberta (Junior C in Ontario), to three years in the AJHL, followed by one year at Western Mighigan and then signing a two-year NHL entry-level contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins; Letestu's dream hit a snag in the AHL. 

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