All-star Weekend Open Thread

Kent Wilson
January 28 2012 10:52AM



Like other non-all-stars your FN writers are going to be lazy and take this weekend off. Feel free to use this thread to track ASG stuff, propose trades, debate the direction of the team or just make fun of Oiler players and fans.


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Flames trade Morrison to Chicago

Kent Wilson
January 27 2012 07:27PM


Jay Feaster has rectified one of his off-season errors tonight by dealing Brendan Morrison to the Chicago Blackhawks for defender Brian Connelly. The high scoring blueliner is 25-years old and was never drafted. Connelly managed 11 goals and 52 points in 80 games for the Rockford Icehogs last year and is second on the team in scoring this season with 36-points in 44 games.

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Hesitant Suggestions: Stajan for Gomez?

Kent Wilson
January 27 2012 09:11AM



If you missed it yesterday, make sure to check out Cam Charron's article on Scott Gomez and why the Canadiens most expensive forward is probably better than you think.

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He Puzzled And He Puzzed

JP Nikota
January 27 2012 01:36AM

How many times have you been watching your team carry a lead, only to have the commentators announce that the opposing team has scored most of their goals in a later period? Listen, I get it; the talking heads on TV have to maintain a certain level of suspense. They can't very well say "It's looking pretty unlikely that this game takes a turn for the interesting." And although I love mythbusting when it comes to hockey, I will concede that sometimes narratives are more fun to build than reasonable arguments.

But, as any of you who are familiar with my work will already know full well, I'm never content to accept in-game narratives without some kind of verification. 

So what about teams that score more goals in the third period than any other? Are they successful? What about those teams that score most often early in the first? I took a look at 6 seasons' worth of data to check.

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Vintage Flame
January 26 2012 09:36AM


The recent loss wasn’t the way the Calgary Flames wanted to go into the All Star break, but it shouldn’t deter the team from the task they have to prepare for once they get back to business next Tuesday. The Flames are going to have to put on a display for its fans, its level of resolve and determination to stay on track...or at least not fall off the rails.

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