Game 51 - Flames vs Red Wings Live Chat

Kent Wilson
January 31 2012 06:11PM

Here we are folks. The home stretch.

The Flames rode Kiprusoff and some really tight, low scoring affairs to a decent record before the break. I'm not bullish on their chances to keep winning like that myself but at this point I don't know if they have any other options. Playoffs remain the goal, so the Flames acting like the Wild under Lemaire is what we'll see for the remainder.

The Red Wings, on the other hand, consider the post-season a foregone conclusion and have higher asiperations. I'm not sure what Detroit will do once Dastyuk, Zetterberg and Lidstrom go away, but for now they remain one of the best in the league.

Calgary has stolen some points from the Wings gaping maw so far this year, but tonight remains a tough test nonetheless.

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FGD: I Gotta Have More Goals

Nation World HQ
January 31 2012 11:32AM


Just like the rest of the NHL, the Calgary Flames put their pants on one leg at a time.  However, when they've got their pants on, the Flames just aren't scoring a lot of goals.  Save for a six goal outburst against a dreadful Oilers opponent, Calgary has managed just five regulation goals in their last five games.  The good news? They got points in three of those games.  The bad news? They'll need a little more tonight against the red hot Red Wings (7 pm, Sportsnet West and Sportsnet 960).

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Vintage Flame
January 31 2012 07:52AM


So hear it is. After 50 games last year the Flames sat with a record of 23-21-6 and 52 points. This year going into the All-Star break, Calgary had completed 50 games and their record? You got it, 23-21-6. Instantly these numbers usually bring a groan from whoever you just told that too, usually followed by, “Here we go again”.

Are the Flames capable of not just replicating what they did last year, but actually improving upon it? If you were to ask most fans, the answer would be a resounding no. But why? Are the fans just so jaded now by the makeup of this team, or its speculated lack of direction that they just want immediate radical change and are tired of hearing the GM-of-the-week proclaiming to the fan-base like Feaster did that once again “We’re going for it!”

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Calgary’s Playoff Probability

Robert Vollman
January 30 2012 12:25PM



What are the chances Calgary makes the post-season this year?  Depending on your level of optimism, it’s statistically somewhere between 17% and 30%.

Five spots are arguably effectively sewn up (by Detroit, St. Louis, Vancouver, Chicago and San Jose) two more which are Los Angeles and Nashville’s to lose, and one likely up for grabs for any of Minnesota, Colorado, Phoenix, Dallas and yes, the Calgary Flames.  From this you might estimate Calgary’s probability of making the post-season at a maximum of 20%.

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Minor Trade: Akim Aliu for John Negrin

Kent Wilson
January 30 2012 10:41AM



It was announced this morning that the Flames have acquired RW Akim Aliu from the Winnipeg Jets in exchange for D John Negrin.

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