This and That: Backlund's season, Trading Bouwmeester and and More

Kent Wilson
July 11 2012 12:02PM



A few items in my head today. First up is yet another defense of Mikael Backlund. Well, sort of -

Backlund's season was pretty poor when you look at the statsline of course - 11 points. When the brain notes "11 points" and "season", it's easy to forget that the kid only appeared in 41 games rather than 82. In addition, "game" is also a somewhat misleading unit of measure - some guys play a lot at both ES and the PP and with better players than others. As a result, a player like Jarome Iginla will get a lot more opportunities - more "iterations" - to work himself out of a dry spell than the Backlund's and the Jackman's of the world.

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Flames Prospects Camp Day 2

Kent Wilson
July 10 2012 07:23PM



I managed to make it to the afternoon session of the Flames prospects camp today. Luckily it was a scrimmage so I got to see the kids in game action, which makes it easier to evaluate them.

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The Uncertain Future of Leland Irving

Kent Wilson
July 10 2012 10:34AM



The Flames lone remaining RFA is goaltender Leland Irving. A first round pick in 2006, Irving has played four seasons in the AHL and had a handful of contests in the show. At the onset of the off-season, he was the guy many were penciling in to be Kipper's back-up this coming season, but the longer his contract negotiations stretch out, the more it seems his future with the organization is jeopardy.

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Crowd Sourced Prospects Camp Observations

Kent Wilson
July 09 2012 09:02PM



While FlamesNation will be covering the rest of prospects camp, official members weren't able to make it down today for day one. Instead, I asked for some thoughts from those who did attend and was taken up on the offer by Christian Roatis who kindly put together this very thorough report for us. For anyone else who has attended, I urge you to share your own thoughts in the comments as well.

By Christian Roatis

The Calgary Flames annual development camp kicked off Monday in Calgary as most of the Flames top prospects got together for Fitness Testing and a 45 minute on ice session. A couple notables missing include Bill Arnold (back) and Mitch Wahl (management decision). Wahl was once considered a top prospect a couple of years ago, but his AHL career was sidetracked by a concussion early in his rookie campaign.

The Flames also had 27 players attending the Development Camp on Amateur Try-out agreements, including Dan Bakala, Sean Callaghan, Jared Coreau, Connor Hardowa, Ross Johnston, John McGuire, Wade Murphy, Eric Robinson, Carter Rowney, Tim Schaller, Garrett Thompson and Frank Vatrano.

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Do the Flames Need Grit?

Kent Wilson
July 09 2012 09:35AM



The title has become a common refrain in some corners of Flames fandom recently. I can see where the perception is coming from - many of the new additions up front aren't of the bump and grind variety (Cervenka, Hudler, Baertschi). Flames don't have a true heavyweight on the 4th line either (though Jackman is game) and the blueline features maybe one guy you would expect to hit the opposition with extreme prejudice - and Sarich may not even play for every game.

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