September 13 2013 03:01PM


Ever watch a TV show a couple times, decide that it sucks and then get completely shocked when it comes back for a second season? Yeah, StreakCred is exactly like that. Except that it doesn't suck. It's super fun. And this time we have a free preseason to get you hooked real nice like see?


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NHL 14 Review And Flames Player Rankings

Christian Roatis
September 13 2013 08:28AM



EA Sports released the latest edition of their popular NHL video game series to much anticipation Tuesday and I managed to beat the rush and get my hands on a copy.
This year's version of the game came with just as many promises as its predecessors did and in the past, fans were left with a bad taste in their mouths (and lighter wallets).

"All they did was add a few players and make some roster moves" was a common phrase spat by dissatisfied costumers the last few years and it seems that EA was listening, because when they announced some of the new features, it looked like they were actually changing a good chunk of the game. Hitting, Fighting and Dangling were all to be redesigned and "Be a Pro" mode was getting a facelift, renamed "Live the Life". But could they really deliver on such hefty promises?

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Galiardi at 3C? Flames Down the Middle

Kent Wilson
September 12 2013 03:36PM


It's pre-season and no injuries have struck the Calgary Flames, but the club is already pulling somewhat desperate moves to fill out their center position. As Kristen notes above, the club has made noises about TJ Galiardi skating as a pivot this season - not on the fourth line either, where one might actuall get away with converting a winger to a centerman some 5 seasons into his career.

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Five things: I've got the cure

Ryan Lambert
September 12 2013 11:52AM


1. Organizational disease

Something that I thought was terribly interesting this week was the Flames' performance in the Penticton tournament, and the way in which Jay Feaster reacted to it.

From Thursday to Saturday, the Flames' rookie tournament attendees had performed very well indeed, beating the absolute hell out of the Oilers' and Canucks' prospects by a combined score of 9-3. These games were not even remotely close score wise and all that stuff I said a little while back about how strong the roster the Flames were bringing to that tournament, with its numerous players who had at least some NHL experience, seemed to be coming more or less true.

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2013 Flames Training Camp Primer

Ryan Pike
September 12 2013 09:34AM


For the first time since 1995, the Calgary Flames open main training camp without Jarome Iginla. For the first time since 2003, they don't have a bonafide number-one goalie. Or a number-one center, but that's not really a “new” issue with this group. They also don't have a captain and the team is finally starting their long-awaited rebuild.

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