RE-UPDATED: Flames recall Backlund

January 26 2010 03:40PM


UPDATED @ 1:25pm 01/27/10:

FAN960's Pat Steinberg just sent out the following tweet... So Backlund will play on a line with Glencross and Nystrom tonight. The rest...45-21-12, 16-22-17, 11-33-10. 6:30 start tonight.

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Flames v. Blues Postgame: Still got them no-goal Blues

January 26 2010 12:53AM

St. Louis Blues: 2 -- Patrick Berlund [GWG], David Perron

Calgary Flames: ZERO!

After three days to re-group and get ready to push themselves back into a playoff spot, the Flames were all geared up to break a six game winless streak. The recipe - a St. Louis Blues hockey team that sat just six points back of them.

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The No. 1 centre debate (again)

Jean Lefebvre
January 25 2010 07:33PM

Quick -- when was the last time the Calgary Flames made it through an entire season without any braying about the top end of the depth chart at centre?

For some, the debate may go back as far as 20 years, when guys like Gilmour, Nieuwendyk and Otto were the men in the middle at the Saddledome.

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GDFD No. 52: Got them no-goal blues

Ryan Lambert
January 25 2010 02:36PM

Welcome to the Game Day Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s 52nd game of the season on Jan. 25, 2010.

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Flames v. Blackhawks: What more can you say

January 22 2010 01:31PM

Calgary Flames: 1 -- Lundmark

Chicago Blackhawks: 3 -- Kane, Eager [GWG], Keith [EN]

Sorry for the late post, but aside from posting from a different computer today, I'm getting awfully tired of recapping losses. Six in a row as a matter of fact. That, and I had to turn the computer over to a "Dora-game-playing-monster" for awhile, something I had absolutely no issue in doing given the sad state of affairs, lol.

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