FlamesNation Roundtable - 2013 Season Halfway Point

Kent Wilson
March 12 2013 10:20AM

(We're at the mid-point of the season, so it's time for another FN roundtable. Ryan Lambert, Ryan Pike, Justin Azevedo, Vintage Flame and Book of Loob all weighed in on a few of the club's current pressing issues.)

1.) Despite some decent showings and a capped out roster, the Flames are currently at the bottom of the Western Conference. Do they hold on as long as possible and hope for the playoffs yet again? Or does the rebuild start now?

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POST-GAME: Kings of Wishful Thinking

Vintage Flame
March 11 2013 11:53PM

Okay, stop me if you've heard this one before...

Tonight your Calgary Flames looked to reach the .500 mark. It's the eighth time they've attempted the feat, succeeding once. In fact they were above the mark for a short period until this road trip

After having their dignity, not to mention their you-know-what's handed to them from their former coach, GM, and his merry band of brothers, Calgary would try once again to beat the Kings.

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FGD: Aquí vamos de nuevo

March 11 2013 03:15PM


Us too, Half, us too.

In what feels like, oh, 48 hours, your Calgary Flames are back at it tonight for the second leg of a back to back against those damned merciless Los Angeles Kings, who are looking to treat the boys in red as lower class serfs, existing only to do the bidding of the kingdom for a second game in a row. The Flames, amid swirling rumours that this game is potentially the straw that breaks the camel's back (the camel being GM Jay Feaster, and his back is a Jarome Iginla trade), look back to get back on track against an obviously very good LA squad to close out their California road trip with at least a little bit of pride intact.

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Flames Prospect Update, March 11 2013

Ryan Pike
March 11 2013 12:48PM

Life isn't great in Flames-land nowadays, but don't fret, as there's a lot of good stuff happening for Calgary's prospects! The playoffs are approaching!

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The Deadline Cometh

Kent Wilson
March 11 2013 10:07AM



Monday morning breaks with the Flames sitting in 15th in the Western Conference, albeit with a few games in hand on everybody else. The California swing went about as expected, though they lost by perhaps a slightly wider margin than one may have initially guessed. I can't even say the Flames played all that badly given the circumstances and their roster, but that's the state the team is in.

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